Wesleyan students arrested for drug use

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Police have arrested four students from Wesleyan University in connection with a drug overdose over the weekend. They are to appear in court next week.

Ten students and two visitors were hospitalized Sunday from complications arising from the use of the drug Molly or from alcohol.

Is anyone surprised? You’d start taking drugs, too, if you had to bunk in with all the  LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM “communities” that Wesleyan goes out of its way to attract.

Vancouver School Board invents new transgender pronouns

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The Vancouver School Board has decided that students may ask teachers and staff to address them by the pronoun of their choice, to accommodate transgender students for whom “he” and “she” do not fit.

Offered as possible replacements by the board: The newly coined pronouns xe, xem, xyr, which are pronounced to rhyme with the genderless plurals, they, them, and their, only starting with the “z” sound.

Meanwhile, the former psychiatrist-in-chief of Johns Hopkins Hospital calls transgender confusion what it really is: a “mental disorder”. Nowhere near as serious a mental disorder as that suffered by the Vancouver School Board, of course.

In a June 12 Wall Street Journal op-ed, Dr. Paul McHugh wrote that “policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered” by not treating transgender “confusions … as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.”

Parents demand tolerance training for school that didn’t allow boy to wear makeup

The parents of the boy couldn’t understand the prohibition since girls attending the school use the same makeup.

I’m sure the fact that the boy’s parents are both women has no bearing whatsoever on his decision to wear makeup. None at all.

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The parents of a Tampa Bay student have started an online petition asking for improved tolerance training after their son was castigated for wearing makeup on the last day of school.

The Tampa Bay Times reports Chris Martin decided to wear black eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick on the last day of eighth grade at Meadowlawn Middle School in St. Petersburg.

Administrators told the 14-year-old boy he was violating the dress code.

Genderless Swedes

The rutabaga, in my opinion, tastes disgusting. My grandmother used to try and persuade me to eat it – to no avail. The flowering part of the root vegetable contains both pistils and stamens, rendering the brassica napobrassica sexually ambidextrous.

Sweden has taken its cue from the vegetable in that it has decided that its children are to be raised asexually: Swedes must pretend to be swedes.

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Swedes can be remarkably thorough in their pursuit of gender parity. A few years ago, a feminist political party proposed a law requiring men to sit while urinating—less messy and more equal. In 2004, the leader of the Sweden’s Left Party Feminist Council, Gudrun Schyman,proposed a “man tax”—a special tariff to be levied on men to pay for all the violence and mayhem wrought by their sex. In April 2012, following the celebration of International Women’s Day, the Swedes formally introduced the genderless pronoun “hen” to be used in place of he and she (han and hon).

Egalia, a new state-sponsored pre-school in Stockholm, is dedicated to the total obliteration of the male and female distinction. There are no boys and girls at Egalia—just “friends” and “buddies.” Classic fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White have been replaced by tales of two male giraffes who parent abandoned crocodile eggs. The Swedish Green Party would like Egalia to be the norm: It has suggested placing gender watchdogs in all of the nation’s preschools. “Egalia gives [children] a fantastic opportunity to be whoever they want to be,” says one excited teacher. (It is probably necessary to add that this is not an Orwellian satire or a right-wing fantasy: This school actually exists.)


Teacher in Anglican School to begin next term as a cross-dresser

Nathan Upton will start Christmas as a man and end it as a man pretending to be a woman; when he returns he wants to be addressed by his pupils as “Miss Lucy”.

Naturally, he has the full support of the headmistress, school governors, local education authority and church diocese; after all, who wants to be the victim of an Equality Act investigation?

Nevertheless, this isn’t going to end well. When I think back to my school days and the torment to which we subjected any teacher who displayed any manner of weakness – I shudder to think what we would have done to the hapless Mr. John had he arrived dressed as a woman in addition to acting like one – I fear Mr/Miss Upton is doomed.

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A Church of England Primary school has written to parents to explain that a male teacher will be returning after Christmas as a woman.

St Mary Magdalen’s School in Accrington have asked pupils to address Nathan Upton as Miss Lucy Meadows from the start of the Spring term.

Karen Hardman, the head teacher at the school, said Mr Upton, who will also be dressing as a woman, has her full support.

Parents were informed of the decision at the bottom of a school letter, after a number of other retirement announcements and class room changes.

Thank heaven for little androgynes

You could never get away with that today.

In Sweden you can’t even depict boys holding toy guns and girls dressed up as princesses; it is gender discrimination.

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Sweden’s largest toy chain has been forced to become ‘gender neutral’ by picturing boys holding baby dolls and girls brandishing toy guns in the pages of its Christmas catalogue.

Top Toy – which holds the franchise for Toys R Us – made the move after being reprimanded by the country’s advertising watchdog for ‘gender discrimination’ in a previous catalogue, which featured boys dressed as superheroes and girls playing princess.


If you are in Ontario you can change your gender by fiat

All you need is a note from your psychologist – and most of them are daft enough to give you one – and, hey presto, your sex changes.

There is no mention of a limit on how many times you can switch, so gender could become a fashion accessory to be adjusted as whim dictates.

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Transgender people in Ontario can now amend their gender on their birth certificates without first having to undergo gender confirmation surgery.

Ontario is the first province in Canada to scrap the requirement, a move that has been hailed as an important victory for the transgender community.

New rules that have now come into force allow transgender people born in the Canadian province to apply to have their documents amended by submitting a letter from a doctor or a psychologist.

Lesbian couple wants a sex change for their 11-year old

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A lesbian couple in California who say their 11-year-old son Tommy who wants to be a girl named Tammy are giving their child hormone blockers that delay the onset of puberty — so that he can have more time that he can have more time to decide if he wants to change his gender.


Thomas began saying he was a girl when he was 3 years old, his parents said in an interview with the Daily Mail. He was learning sign language due to a speech impediment, and one of the first things he told his mothers was, “I am a girl.” They say they thought he was confused or mistaken, and signed back, ‘No. No. Thomas is a boy.”

But Thomas insisted, they said. He shook his head “no” and repeated what he had signed.
They said Thomas threatened to mutilate his genitals when he was 7, and psychiatrists diagnosed a gender identity disorder.

One year later, he began transitioning to Tammy.

It can’t be a coincidence that a child brought up in an atmosphere of gender malleability has decided, at an age when most children are barely aware of what sexuality is, that he wants to change his sex.

The lesbians have made a creature in their own image; even if it was inadvertent, an act of consummate selfishness.

What better recommendation for not allowing same-sex couples to adopt children.

Canadian youth favour traditional roles for men and women

Or, to put it in Newspeak “old-fashion gender roles”.

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Young Canadians are carrying around some gender stereotypes that seem more in line with what their parents or grandparents might have thought, a new global study suggests.

The report, released Thursday by the development agency Plan International, found 31 per cent of Canadian boys aged 12 to 17 believe a woman’s most important role is feeding her family and taking care of the home.

That compared to 15 per cent of boys in the United Kingdom, but well short of 73 per cent in India and 68 per cent in Rwanda, who answered the same way.

When the question was asked of Canadian adults, 24 per cent agreed that a woman’s primary role should be in the home.

Almost half — 48 per cent — of the Canadian adolescents polled said men should be responsible for earning an income and providing for their families. Among Canadian adults, 43 per cent felt the same way.


Joan Simalchik, a professor of gender studies at the University of Toronto, also expressed surprise over the results.

“That’s not what we see at universities, and it’s not quite what we see in the real world,” she said of the idea that so many young Canadians are holding out-of-date views on the sexes.

Obviously, the prodigious efforts that schools make at indoctrinating their charges out of “out-of-date views on the sexes” isn’t working too well.

Sometimes I love a backlash.


Apparently, gender is irrelevant and those who don’t agree should “die off”

That is the view of the exemplar of tolerance, Glenn Close, who plays a cross dresser in her new film.

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Glenn Close is not a man. And she is not gay. But she so fully assumes the bizarre form of an Irish woman who hides her sex beneath stiff collars and black suits in the new film Albert Nobbs, that you have to recalibrate all notions of gender by the final credits.

Close says that was pretty much the whole idea behind bringing her Obie-winning role to the screen: “Gender is irrelevant. It basically should be irrelevant.”


Some people will change their point of view, and those who are either too old, or too blinkered, to accept the beauty of difference will just have to “die off,” she says.

Hiding one’s sexual identity by dressing as a member of the opposite sex expresses the irrelevance of gender as effectively as a man in a wig expresses the irrelevance of baldness.

And since cross-dressing seeks to disguise a difference, it’s difficult to see how it enhances the “beauty of difference.”

Perhaps it is Ms. Close’s brain cells that have died off.