Ontario Elementary teachers receive inclusiveness training

Elementary school teachers in Ontario are being offered Inclusiveness Training that focusses on all matters LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP . For those few of you who have no idea what that means – I’m sure it is very few – here goes: Lesbian, Gay, Genderqueer, Bisexual, Demisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Twospirit, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Allies, Pansexual, Polyamorous.

So you can rest assured that if junior enters elementary school in Ontario perfectly normal, he is liable to emerge as demisexual, or at the very least, polyamorous. I imagine the best you can hope for is asexual.

Diocese of Niagara hosting gender fluidity event

I was in Hawaii over Christmas, mainly to meet some of my grandchildren who live on the other side of the world. We decided to meet halfway.

The oldest grandchild is 15 and, during a chat with her about how our generations view things differently, she exclaimed, “yes, but don’t you think we have made progress since you were young!” It brought tears to my eyes; tears of laughter. “No”, I said, “I think things are getting steadily worse. I don’t believe in progress.” She stared at me blankly.

It gave me a moment of déjà vu because I had said the same thing to someone when I was around 15. It took me another 15 years to come to my senses.

Here, then, is a prime example of progress:

An upcoming symposium aims to explore the fluidity of gender.

Award-winning author and storyteller Ivan Coyote will be at Mills Hardware Saturday night — joined by singer-songwriter Kate Reid — for a lively and entertaining exploration of gender identity and inclusion.

While the event is geared toward youth and their families, anyone is welcome.

“I think (this event) will be really uplifting for parents of trans kids, and people who are fighting any kind of battle in terms of being able to fit in their gender,” says Deirdre Pike, event MC and local LGBTQ advocate.

“People will come out and be entertained by storytelling and music, and won’t even realize they’re going home opened up, having expanded their understanding of gender exponentially.”

The event will also be filmed to be used as a future training tool for local agencies. The Anglican Diocese of Niagara is hosting the event, along with the Social Planning and Research Council and the Good Shepherd’s Core Collaborative Learning.

That two religious agencies are behind an LGBTQ event seems remarkable, but Pike says their leadership on these issues has been commendable.

“We talk a lot about the unsuspecting allies, or finding allies in unsuspected places. This is one of those cases,” she says, noting the diocese’s recent decision to allow same-sex marriage in the church.

This event is particularly important as the city prepares to roll out its transgender and gender nonconforming protocol, which the city pledged to implement as part of a human rights settlement last year after a transgender woman was denied access to an HSR washroom.

The protocol will focus on internal relations and customer service guidelines, including a commitment to ensure safe access to public bathrooms and change rooms.

If, after eating too much over Christmas, you are having trouble fitting into your gender or, if you want to be opened up without even knowing what has been done to you – just like the Manchurian Candidate, only, progressive or, if you are just one of the many mixed-up clergy in the Diocese of Niagara – then this is for you.

I love progress.

Alberta government issues thinly veiled threat to Christian schools

Alberta’s NDP government has an anti-bullying policy in schools. To the NDP mind, a school that refuses to have gay straight alliance clubs or cross-gender lavatories is guilty of bullyingas defined by the Humpty Dumpty Theory of Language.

To discourage such defiant flouting of gender politics pieties, the Alberta government is bullying schools into compliance.

From here:

Education Minister David Eggen says he’s willing to strip two Christian schools of their public funding if they won’t abandon their Christian principles and allow clubs promoting homosexuality and/or transgender students in washrooms of the opposite sex.

These measures are part of the New Democratic government’s anti-bullying policies that single out sexual minorities for protection, though surveys indicate that physical appearance and grades are far more likely causes of school bullying.

Last month, Spruce Grove Baptist pastor Brian Coldwell, who is also chairman of an independent Christian school board with two small schools with 200 students, said neither cross-gendered washrooms nor gay straight alliances would be allowed in his schools.

Asked about Coldwell’s comments at a school opening where he was joined by Premier Rachel Notley, Eggen said, “It’s not acceptable, not just for the kids that are attending those schools, but it sends a negative message across the province, that I’m quite concerned about as well.” According to the Edmonton Journal, Eggen also said he “won’t rule out” defunding Coldwell’s schools.

A non-binary youth delegate to Synod

When I was a teenager I rebelled against my parents, society and just about anything that bore an aura of respectability. This found expression in anarchism, atheism, Bob Dylan, Jean-Paul Sartre, Henry Miller and indulgence in the usual variety of teenage-angst anodynes on offer in the ‘60s.

Still, as silly as it all sounds now, I don’t think we were as dismally humourless as today’s youth; and we didn’t need safe spaces.

Eventually I grew up.

In order to rebel today, teenagers like to proclaim a sexual identity that is at odds with their biology. In keeping with its neurotic compulsion to appear modern, relevant and trendy, the Anglican Church of Canada encourages them to do so.

Which brings me to this:

Note: Jordan Sandrock, the subject of this article, identifies as neither male nor female and has asked to be referred to in this article as “they” rather than as “he” or “she.”

Also, the term “queer,” though considered derogatory by some, is widely used to denote non-heterosexual people, often by non-heterosexual people themselves.

Jordan Sandrock isn’t able to say what was going through their head when, after hearing the first pronouncement on the same-sex marriage vote at General Synod, they rushed out of the conference room where the vote was held and collapsed in tears on the floor of the corridor outside.

“It was just so emotionally overwhelming that I can’t really remember,” they say.


Sandrock is now going into their second year of a degree in religious studies at the University of Ottawa. Asked about their career goals, they don’t hesitate.

“I’m hoping to be a priest,” they say, smiling broadly.

Perhaps Jordan will eventually grow up. In the meantime, she seems to me to be one rather sweet but very mixed up kid.

Here they are explaining queer and feminist theology:


Why, when a person who has X and Y chromosomes self-identifies as a woman, do we take him seriously in spite of the simpler explanation that he is self-deluding not self-identifying, yet, when a terrorist self-identifies as a Muslim, we insist that he is self-deluding not self-identifying, in spite of the simpler explanation that Islam is a fecund breeding ground for terrorists?

On the occasion of a Baptism and the Re-Naming of a Transgendered Person

St. Alban’s in Ottawa used to house a congregation that, in 2008, aligned itself with ANiC. Negotiations with the Diocese of Ottawa resulted in the ejection of the resident congregation and the installation of a transplanted congregation, an oft repeated ACoC strategy to create the illusion that it needed the buildings. It’s the ACoC version of church planting: Potemkin Planting.

Since then, interesting things have been happening. For example, in September, a baptism service was accompanied by a Liturgy for the Re-Naming of a Transgendered Person.

Apparently, such renaming liturgies are not as uncommon as the naive might suspect. The House for All Sinners and Saints in Denver, “a group of folks figuring out how to be a liturgical, Christo-centric, social justice-oriented, queer-inclusive, incarnational, contemplative, irreverent, ancient / future church”, has one. When I read the article below I assumed that a re-baptism had taken place – something that was considered by the CofE – but, it seems the liturgy is merely a renaming.

In the interest of complete inclusion, the originator of the renaming liturgy – Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber – also offers an annual liturgical blessing for bicycles.

Even in the face of all the evidence, some clerics are still genuinely shocked that a common secular view of the church is that it spends much of its time plumbing the depths of the absurd.

From here:

On the occasion of a Baptism, and the Re-Naming of a Transgendered Person

Eliot, you too will be anointed today, just as you were anointed at your own baptism many years ago.  You continue to bear the name of Christ, the anointed one, beloved child of God.  We re-affirm that today.  That has not changed.  But some things do change.  Often our faith journeys can take twists and turns as we live and grow into the people that God created us to be.  Today you take on a new name as a testimony to the person you have become and as a testimony to the God who welcomes us as his children, loves us through all the twists and turns of our life journeys, and promises to make all things new.

The truth is, I may never be able to understand what it’s like to be a non-binary gendered trans person.  I don’t even know if I said that right.  But, at least in our better moments, by the grace of God, we are able to be generous by offering our support to a fellow traveller who bears the name of Christ on their faith journey.

Soon, we will turn to Davis and we will pledge to do all in our power to support him in his life in Christ.

Then not long after that we will turn to Eliot and pledge as follows:

“Eliot, we will walk with you.”

Judge rules 5 year old should choose his own gender

A judge has ruled that a five year old Oakville boy should be permitted to pick a gender that is at odds with his chromosomes. His parents are separated and his mother claims that the boy, to use a phrase I have come to loathe, self-identifies as a girl; the father disagrees.

The case has come before the courts and the judge has ruled that “the boy should be dressed as he wishes and not unilaterally pushed toward either a male or a female identity.” The case bears a passing resemblance to a much earlier one where Solomon ruled that a disputed child should be divided in half and each half given to the two women claiming to be his mother. Justice Sheilagh O’Connell, not having the wisdom of Solomon, did not rule that the top half of the child be dressed as a boy and the bottom half as a girl. It would probably have done little to shake the mother’s conviction that the objective reality of her son’s sex should not be a determining factor in his upbringing.

I was a guest at a wedding yesterday and had been asked by the bride’s father to take some candid photos of the event. When the time came to take a photo of all the men, I was preoccupied with photos of my own, so I missed being in the official men’s photo. A woman asked me why I wasn’t in it. The conversation went something like this:

Woman: Why aren’t you in the photo?
Me (deciding to have a little fun): Because I self-identify as a woman.
Woman (not in the least nonplussed): Well why weren’t you in the women’s photo, then?
Me: They wouldn’t let me.
Woman: That’s terrible.

The laughable thing about that is not only was I taken seriously, but the part that shocked the woman was that I, a not particularly effeminate man (I just verified that with my wife) – other than the long nails on my right hand used for guitar playing, an embellishment balanced by the chewed nails on my left hand – was not allowed to pretend to be a woman.

The next wedding I attend, I will be self-identifying as a poached egg to see how that works out.

Wesleyan students arrested for drug use

From here:

Police have arrested four students from Wesleyan University in connection with a drug overdose over the weekend. They are to appear in court next week.

Ten students and two visitors were hospitalized Sunday from complications arising from the use of the drug Molly or from alcohol.

Is anyone surprised? You’d start taking drugs, too, if you had to bunk in with all the  LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM “communities” that Wesleyan goes out of its way to attract.

Vancouver School Board invents new transgender pronouns

From here:

The Vancouver School Board has decided that students may ask teachers and staff to address them by the pronoun of their choice, to accommodate transgender students for whom “he” and “she” do not fit.

Offered as possible replacements by the board: The newly coined pronouns xe, xem, xyr, which are pronounced to rhyme with the genderless plurals, they, them, and their, only starting with the “z” sound.

Meanwhile, the former psychiatrist-in-chief of Johns Hopkins Hospital calls transgender confusion what it really is: a “mental disorder”. Nowhere near as serious a mental disorder as that suffered by the Vancouver School Board, of course.

In a June 12 Wall Street Journal op-ed, Dr. Paul McHugh wrote that “policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered” by not treating transgender “confusions … as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.”

Parents demand tolerance training for school that didn’t allow boy to wear makeup

The parents of the boy couldn’t understand the prohibition since girls attending the school use the same makeup.

I’m sure the fact that the boy’s parents are both women has no bearing whatsoever on his decision to wear makeup. None at all.

From here:

The parents of a Tampa Bay student have started an online petition asking for improved tolerance training after their son was castigated for wearing makeup on the last day of school.

The Tampa Bay Times reports Chris Martin decided to wear black eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick on the last day of eighth grade at Meadowlawn Middle School in St. Petersburg.

Administrators told the 14-year-old boy he was violating the dress code.