Anglican ups and downs

The Average Sunday Attendance at ACNA churches has increased 16% over 5 years (2009-2014).

The Average Sunday Attendance at Anglican Church of Canada churches has decreased by 12.5% over 6 years (2001-2007). The ASA at TEC churches decreased 6% over 3 years (2009-2012)

Is there a message here? Yes.

Will the ACoC and TEC listen to it – they keep telling us they love to listen? No.

Another vicar leaves the Anglican Church of New Zealand over same-sex blessings

Further to this post, a second Anglican vicar has left the Anglican Church of New Zealand over the church’s decision to bless same-sex couples.

From here:

The church’s perceived obsession with homosexuality has seen an Anglican pastor break camp and lead his flock into the religious wilderness and find a new home in the city.

Reverend Michael Hewat, the vicar of West Hamilton Anglican Parish on Rifle Range Rd, was the second high profile Anglican leader to leave the Anglican Church in opposition to Motion 30 – a national declaration by the governing body to bless same sex relationships.

He said homosexuality had dominated the church’s agenda for two decades and “it amounts to an obsession”, he said in a letter to Waikato Times.

His refusal to submit to General Synod on the motion passed in May that aimed to recognise same-sex relationships meant a forfeiture his licence to practice as an Anglican pastor.

In May, former Auckland pastor Charlie Hughes walked away with his congregation and Hewat said more would come.

In a letter to the Waikato Bishop, the Rev Dr Helen-Ann Hartley, and the Bishop of Taranaki, Rev Phillip Richardson, Hewat said Motion 30 would “prove to be a disaster” to church unity and by 2016 “the flood gates will open”.

His last service in the Dinsdale church he administered for 20 years was a harrowing time for his congregation.

“It’s an emotional day but we always say the church is the people and not the buildings,” said Hewat.

He surrenders his licence this Friday, July 25 – a move he called a formality – and will vacate church property.

A special general meeting was held earlier in the month where he received 94 per cent support from parishioners and a further postal vote brought that figure to greater than 95 per cent.

Notice that the article refers to a “perceived obsession with homosexuality”. A phrase like that is often used to imply that someone is seeing something that isn’t there. In this case, though, the perception is a reliable view of reality: the Anglican Church really is obsessed with homosexuality. What is more, the church accuses those who refuse to share its obsession of being obsessed with rejecting its obsession. A clear case of projection born of institutionalised narcissistic personality disorder.

On a side note, I will be visiting Auckland, Waikato and a few other places in a couple of months; I will be boring everyone with photographs.

Keeping Jihad in perspective

The Islamic struggle against unbelievers, Jihad, is a serious business entailing sacrifice, rigorous training, dietary observances and routine beheadings of filthy kuffars.

6eWHJWar_400x400Of course, as Abu Fulan al-Muhajir has discovered, none of this is possible without a properly cultivated beard. Have you any idea how hard it is to concentrate on which is the business end of a bazooka when all you can think about are the split ends in your beard?

From here:

Abu Fulan al-Muhajir.
A stranger. Currently fighting in Syria, to make the word of Allah the highest! Independent Anonymous group. kik: AbuFulan

19-07-2014 12-35-26 AMAnd then, my dear, there is the appalling heat:

19-07-2014 12-36-09 AM

So, coddled middle class would be Jihadists, do not leave home without your Frédéric Fekkai Protein Rx Reparative Shampoo; next to your AK-47, it will be your best friend.

The reason the Church of England will have women bishops

It has nothing to do with theology, God, revealed truth, what the Holy Spirit is saying, justice, what the Bible says or what the rest of the Anglican Communion thinks.

It is very simple: the Church of England will have women bishops because it has caved in to the Spirit of the Age. What is more, it wants to make conspicuous its obeisance to the zeitgeist by observing the fashionable pieties of equality, inclusion and feminism with maniacal enthusiasm.

Whatever the theological rightness or otherwise of women bishops, the CofE has decided in favour of them for the wrong reason. Next, for the same wrong reason, will come openly same-sex partnered bishops, followed by redefining marriage to include same-sex couples, accelerated decline and final oblivion. RIP CofE.

UK: An Anglican Church with its own post office

In the UK, post offices and churches are both in decline. St. James in West Hamstead has decided – not unlike Canadian Anglican and Lutheran denominations – to pool its decline with the post office’s so they can wither away together.

St. James is an inclusive church:

We are Inclusive Churches welcoming all regardless of age, gender, background, ethnicity, disability or sexuality. We take pride in being progressive in our support for the inclusion of all people in the Church of God – gay or straight, male or female, black or white, old or young.

Now it even includes a post office.

If the church used this as a method of spreading the good news of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ, it could be a good thing. As it is, the vicar seems to be more interested in meetings, gatherings, social events and debt counselling.

Interestingly, the vicar is Rev Andrew Cain who recently married an atheist – an atheist who also happens to be a man. The good news for him is, if his bishop fires him, he can always work in the post office.

Anglicans pray for peace in the Middle East

From here:

Diocese of Jerusalem praying for peace in Gaza and region
As bombing in Gaza continues, Bishop Suheil is in regular communication with Al Ahli Hospital there to ensure that staff and families are safe. The Diocese of Jerusalem continues to hold the people of Gaza and the region in its prayers, hoping that the violence will end soon.

The question is, why did we not read of the Diocese of Jerusalem praying that “the violence will end soon” when Hamas was firing rockets into Israel before Israel responded? Why do we not hear Bishop Suheil Dawani praying for Hamas to accept a perfectly reasonable cease-fire proposal that Israel was prepared to accept? Why do we not hear the Bishop of Jerusalem making statements condemning Hamas’s intent to destroy Israel and kill all its inhabitants? Why don’t we hear the Anglican Church in the Middle East condemning Hamas for hiding behind its civilians and then using the inevitable civilian deaths in their disgusting propaganda? Why does the Anglican Church not recognise and condemn Hamas for what it really is: a demonic death cult?

Why, why, why; surely the answer is not that the Anglican Church has an anti-Israel bias?.

The Church of England to have women bishops

Career minded lady clergy-persons are rejoicing:


The Diocese of New Westminster’s Melissa Skelton, in a convenient vision of beatific liberal-fundamentalism, sees “the movement of the Holy Spirit in this decision”, while others see yet more conforming to contemporary culture.

I’m inclined to the latter view. The question is, will this component of the church’s ceaseless quest for relevance make any difference? Does anyone, other than lady vicars wanting more power and money, much care?

To answer that question, one has but to consult the oracle of societal trends, Facebook.

The Church of England’s Facebook announcement about its eagerness to embrace that most hideous invention of the 20th and 21st Centuries, equality, has, since yesterday, garnered 81 comments.

Coincidentally, while the Church of England was soberly pondering women bishops, Marvel Comics was plotting to turn Thor into a woman. The announcement was made today on Facebook and already has provoked 1120 comments; Thor even has her own Twitter hashtag, #thor.

Since depicting a hitherto male fictitious comic book character as a woman is generating more interest than making a real woman an Anglican bishop, you would be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the church should concentrate on competing on its own turf, not the world’s. But that would hardly be relevant.

Olivia Chow vows that only criminals will own handguns in Toronto

Or words to that effect, since we all know perfectly well that although the mayor of Toronto may be able to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens, she is never going to prevent criminals obtaining them:

Olivia Chow came out Monday pledging to support a handgun ban if she’s elected mayor.

“There is no reason why anyone needs a handgun in a big city like ours,” Chow said.

“We need better gun control. We have a mayor that for the last four years justified the use of guns, he opposed the long gun registry. What I want to do is work with big city mayors to tighten control so there is no illegal guns coming from the States.”

Millennium Development goals may include abortion rights

The Anglican Church of Canada has supported the UN’s Millennium Development Goals for some time; the cynical among us suspect that in the ACoC the MDGs have replaced the much more personally demanding Gospel of Jesus.

Soon the MDGs may include “universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights”; that includes “access” to abortions. If it continues to support the MDGs, the Anglican Church of Canada could find itself forced to make its position on abortion – one of the few social justice issues about which it is obstinately silent – public: the ACoC will finally have to come out about abortion.

From here:

Fears that push for abortion to be included in next Millennium Development Goals
Concern is growing that access to abortion may be included in the 15-year UN development programme that will replace the Millennium Development Goals from the end of next year.

Cafod has said it will be unable to giving 100 per cent backing to the new goals, currently in draft form, which already contain a commitment to grant universal access to sexual and reproductive health.