Occupy St John’s, Shaughnessy

The Diocese of New Westminster, having secured legal ownership of St John’s, Shaughnessy’s building, is looking for a new rector for the church. Such is the paucity of suitable contenders in Canada, that Michael Ingham on a recent trip to Canterbury, asked Rowan Williams for suggestions.

And now, according to this, Rowan Williams has come through:

Archbishop Rowan Williams has followed-up and recently sent +Michael a letter suggesting two possible candidates for the Interim Ministry position at St John’s, Shaughnessy.

It looks as if Rev. Giles Fraser or Rev. Graeme Knowles might have found a new job.

St. Paul’s clergy dropping like flies

The first to go was the cathedral’s canon chancellor, Giles Fraser, then Fraser Dyer the cathedral chaplain and now Graeme Knowles, the Dean.

After repeated criticism of profiteers and ‘bank robbers’ the Church of England is now hoist with its own petard. If only Rowan Williams would do the decent thing and follow the example set by St. Paul’s clergy.

From here:

The Church of England is facing an escalating crisis after a third senior cleric resigned over the Occupy movement’s protest camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral.

The Rt Rev Graeme Knowles, the dean of St Paul’s, announced he was resigning with immediate effect, saying that the row over the Occupy London site had made his position “untenable”.

Knowles said he was “no longer the right person to lead the chapter of this great cathedral” and that his departure could provide the opportunity for a “fresh approach” to the crisis. On Friday, he took the first service at the cathedral after it reopened its doors after a week-long closure.

Last week, Giles Fraser, the cathedral’s canon chancellor, and Fraser Dyer, the cathedral chaplain resigned.

Reacting to the latest resignation, Rowan Williams has issued a statement, continuing the familiar theme of lamenting the collective transgressions of the financial industry while ignoring the church’s primary purpose of offering salvation through Jesus Christ:

“The urgent larger issues raised by the protesters at St Paul’s remain very much on the table and we need – as a Church and as society as a whole – to work to make sure that they are properly addressed.”


Rev. Dr. Giles Fraser, the puppet of bankers and corporate interests

Giles Fraser is a regular contributor to the left-leaning Guardian and is director of  St. Paul’s Institute where he enjoys admonishing  bankers on “the right use of money”. He is also Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral which is losing £20,000 in revenue daily because of the mob occupying its steps.

The cathedral is now seeking a legal remedy to its plight and, in spite of Giles Frasers’ protestations to the contrary, it probably is all about the lost income.

Rev. Giles Fraser is a liberal so he supports same sex marriage, doesn’t like Operation Christmas Child because it evangelises and is Islamophobic, and would like us to think that Jesus was a Marxist.

Bearing all this in mind, it was with considerable satisfaction that I listened to this clip of a protester declaring that “St. Paul’s is backed by the City, by the very bankers and corporate interests which we are here to protest against.”