Bullied by Baby Jesus

When something becomes a fad – and placing anything and everything in the category of bullying is a fad – then people normally regarded as sane are prone fall for the most extreme and ridiculous manifestations of the fad. Hence we have reached the point where carols about baby Jesus are a form of bullying.

Be warned: I will subdue any hint of disagreement with a rousing chorus of:

Bully, lullay, Thou little tiny Child,
Bye, bye, bully, lullay.
Lullay, thou little tiny Child,
Bye, bye, bully, lullay.

From here:

A group of parents in Missoula, Mont. are upset over the religious nature of Christmas songs performed at a local elementary school – alleging the songs about the Baby Jesus is unconstitutional and a “form of bullying.”

Anglicans against the bullying of nut allergy sufferers

Some Anglicans have a mania for denouncing the bullying of homosexuals while excluding from their righteous indignation equally deserving cases: for example, the bullying of those with nut allergies.

I myself am allergic to some nuts but I had no idea that others similarly afflicted are being bullied because of it. When will Anglicans become genuinely inclusive and rise up against this injustice, I ask myself?

From here:

Children with potentially deadly nut allergies are being bullied for being different, say researchers.

And their parents are stigmatised as ‘neurotic and attention-seeking’ by other parents, they found.

Relatives of some victims of the condition are even suspected of deliberately giving a child nuts to check they really are allergic.
Overall, the impact of a nut allergy is so great that it could be considered a disability, the Leicester University researchers found.

They interviewed 26 families from the Leicester area about their experiences.

Some children told how they were bullied by classmates, who taunted them about their allergy and threatened to trigger it.