Anglicans in the Toronto Pride Parade 2017

I expect you have been looking forward to seeing whether your favourite bishop made an appearance – you’ll have to guess who mine is and he didn’t – so here are a few photos (not mine).

Maybe it’s just me but when looking at the lady priests, I can’t shake the uneasy feeling that they would really like to be cavorting in fishnet stockings, spiked heels, black bra, lace panties, spiked dog collars and little else but haven’t quite screwed up the courage yet. Maybe next year. The stuff of nightmares, I know.

Anglicans in the Toronto Pride Parade

Canadian Anglicans, having little else to be proud of, paid their annual homage to the Zeitgeist yesterday:



Oakville was represented by St. Jude’s, the town’s posh church:


Someone lamented that there was only one bishop present, Terry Finlay. I think the person may have been mistaken, though: this fellow looks like a bishop to me:

Anglican Bishops in the Toronto World Pride March

No pride march be complete without a couple of bishops observing their annual ritual obeisance to the Zeitgeist.

So far they have kept their clothes on.

Here is Bishop Philip Poole from the Diocese of Toronto:


And here is Terence Finlay, former Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario:


Neither are wearing a Proud Anglicans sash and both are carrying bags; I wonder if they pinched the rainbow sashes.

The Proud Anglican rainbow sash robbery

SashIt seems that there has been some proud Anglican pilfering of the rainbow sashes sported by with-it Anglicans in the World Pride Parade.

Anyone guilty of proud sash purloining should return them at once to the fellow in the tiara. It’s the decent thing to do, particularly considering they are rather hard up. Or, as Charles Ryder’s father in Brideshead Revisited so eloquently put it when his son asked him for money:

‘Well, I’m the worst person to come to for advice. I’ve never been “short” as you so painfully call it. And yet what else could you say? Hard up? Penurious? Distressed? Embarrassed? Stonybroke?’ (snuffle). ‘On the rocks? In Queer Street? Let us say you are in Queer Street and leave it at that.’

From here:

If you were in the Pride Parade, I need your help: quite a few of our rainbow Proud Anglicans sashes did not return. They’re not like giveaway Tshirts – we want to use them again.

Anglicans at World Pride 2014

As usual the Anglican Church of Canada was represented:

Proud Anglicans

More PA

The rector in this photo is Rev. Maggie Helwig who has a particular interest in not offending human dignity. Oddly enough, elsewhere in the march that she was so happy to take part in, we find a display that falls somewhat short of a panegyric to the human dignity of which she is so fond:


You will be pleased to hear that over $1.8M of our taxes went into making this march such a law-flouting success.

Love and tolerance at the Toronto Pride parade

Although I have serious doubts about whether this street preacher’s approach to disseminating the gospel will have anything other than the opposite of its intended effect, the video below is instructive in that it clearly demonstrates the blinkered one-way tolerance practised by gay supporters and police alike.

I’m hazarding a wild guess that the preacher is not Anglican.

Opposition to Queers Against Israeli Apartheid at the Toronto Pride Parade

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid saw some stiff opposition at the Toronto Pride parade:

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Although I agree with the opposition, the whole raucous, ugly cacophony of thousands of people trying to make a point simultaneously leaves me queasily thinking of something Søren Kierkegaard wrote:

When the truth triumphs with the help of 10,000 roaring people – also assuming that what triumphs in this way is itself true – because of the form and manner of the triumph a far greater untruth triumphs. Papers and Journals.

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