Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega


Adelita by Francisco Tarrega:


The Love of God fits everyone: A song written by a 93 year old St. Hilda’s parishioner many years ago. He asked me to set it to music and, since it is a children’s song, a couple of my grandchildren introduced it to the congregation. I think they were brilliant.


J. S. Bach. Minuet in G, No 4 from A Little Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach


Bright Morning Star. A song I wrote a few years back.


The Wings of the Morning. A song I wrote for St. Hilda’s 50th Anniversary taken from Isaiah 43:18-19 and Ps 139:9. The congregation singing it this morning – not the best sound quality and half our instrumentalists were away sick, but sung with feeling:


Study in B minor by Fernando Sor
A haunting and serene (well, it is when Julian Bream plays it) study in B minor by Fernando Sor


Lady Nothing’s Toye Puffe. My rendition of an old John Renbourn tune.

Create in me a clean heart. A song I wrote a few years ago; well, the other David wrote the lyrics.

Doc’s Guitar. My version of a tune by Doc Watson. From my hillbilly period:

Anji. A tune from my misspent youth:

Sarabande by J. S. Bach:

The Father’s Love. A song I wrote in 2007:

2 thoughts on “Music

  1. You’re very talented, David; I’m in awe. I love music, but have little musical ability myself.

    I’m also going to be up far too late tonight chasing John Renbourn around youtube. I wonder how many more amazing musicians are out there that I haven’t heard of?

    I tend to follow fairly recent music and was wondering if you’ve heard of Mumford and Sons? They’re very talented young British musicians who are starting to experience considerable commercial success (and are criticized by some as “sell outs” because of it). I’ve read that British folk music has strongly influenced their style:

    And the piece they’re currently best known for:

    I hope you’ll post more of your music from time to time.

    • Thanks Warren.

      No, I hadn’t heard of Mumford and Sons – I’m quite out of touch with recent music – yes, I can see hear the British folk influence.

      The sell-out issue has always been there with folk: as soon as someone is successful, it seems. Speaking of influences, here is another very good guitar player from my era – Bert Jansch – playing his arrangement of “Black Waterside”. Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) copied this note for note and had some success with it:

      And here is his arrangement of Reynardine which I like very much:

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