Bishop Bill Anderson explains why he moved to ANiC

It seems that the firing of Rev. Jacob Worley was the last straw for Bishop Anderson.

From here:

“Last week, I transferred,” Anderson said Wednesday, November 22, adding that he had had “ongoing concerns for a long time about the direction things have been going in the Anglican Church of Canada,” but that the overturning of the Rev. Jacob Worley’s election as bishop last May, followed by his firing this November, together served as “the final straw.”

The bishop went on to assert what everyone suspects but Archbishop Privett, employing Goebbels’ principle – if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it – denies:

… the real reason for Worley’s being blocked as bishop and then being fired lay with his views.
“I think the issue was much more, quite frankly, the fact that he represented a conservative stream of theological thought that was offensive to the extremely liberal drift of the bishops of the provincial house,” Anderson said. “The whole thing smacked of a kangaroo court.”

I have a suspicion that this could be the catalyst that begins the unravelling of the diocese of Caledonia.

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