Canada Revenue being asked to investigate Anglican parish

It’s taken years, but the Anglican Church of Canada has been rumbled: someone has finally noticed it is running a business not a religion.

From the CBC:

The Anglican Parish of Shediac declared $5 million in assets in 2015, as well as $350,000 in annual income from the rental of land or real estate. (CBC)

The Canada Revenue Agency is being asked to investigate whether the Anglican Parish of Shediac is complying with the laws of a charitable organization.

A complaint was filed Monday by a group of concerned residents who have taken issue with the church’s involvement in a proposed mega-campsite project in Pointe-du-Chêne.

The parish owns the land where the campground big enough for 600 to 700 trailers — the largest in the Maritimes — is set to be built, and it would lease the land to a group of investors that included Health Minister Victor Boudreau before he gave up his stake in the project after months of controversy.

But some Pointe-du-Chêne residents, including Arthur Melanson, grew worried when the church recently became the campsite’s proponent.

According to federal tax law, a charity is forbidden from running a business, unless it is directly linked to its mission.

2 thoughts on “Canada Revenue being asked to investigate Anglican parish

  1. After having lost its way and drifted away from the Lord our God, and in the process driven out most of the truly Faithful Christians leaving mostly empty buildings along with mostly empty offering plates, becoming a profit seeking business may be the only way for the AcoC to survive. At least financially.

  2. Considering that the ACoC has managed to legally steal properties that were paid for by orthodox Christians I am glad to see they are facing a challenge in their attempt to gain financially – might I saw legally stealing from the rest of Canadians in their attempt to avoid taxes – from activities that have absolutely no connection with Christianity or any other religion. I am confident that if the judges that heard the various cases involved in the legally stealing of properties were genuine Christians and were prepared to hear the apostasy to which the ACoC has descended the results would definitely have been different.

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