Archbishop John Privett to retire

Anglican Church of Canada bishops are fleeing their vocation faster than a dog runs from his own excrement. Privett joins bishops Michael Bird, Fred Hiltz, Colin Johnson, and Donald Phillips in their escape from the asylum.

Privett’s most recent accomplishment of note was to fire, for no particularly good reason that he was willing to identify, Jacob Worley, a conservative priest in the Diocese of Caledonia.

From here:

Dear Friends,

Many of you will know that in July, I was blessed to be able to take a 6 day silent retreat at St. Bueno’s Retreat Centre in Wales. It was for me a time of intentional discernment.  During the course of that retreat it became clear to me that the time had come for me to retire from my ministry as Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province and as Bishop of Kootenay. The only question that remained was the timing of the announcement and my retirement.  Before the summer was over, I knew that it would be this spring and had decided that I will retire as of May 31, 2018.  I have informed the senior Bishop of the Province, Bishop Larry Robertson, the Provincial House of Bishops and our Diocesan Council of my intention.

4 thoughts on “Archbishop John Privett to retire

  1. Do I understand the timing correctly? This guy new in May decides to interfere with the legitimate selection of Bishop Worley, and then in July decides to retire. He continues in his relentless expulsion of Bishop Worley for the next several months (and some would say that his Privett’s actions were spiteful and vindictive) but does not have the integrity to announce that he had decided to retire until now.

    One is left to wonder if he had announced his pending retirement back in July when he made that decision if his spiteful and vindictive actions against Bishop Worley would have been as effective?

    It saddens me but I am cannot help but feel that this Privett character deliberately hung around long enough to intentionally destroy the career of a Faithful servant of God.

    • I think Bishop Privett is an intelligent and a good Bishop. I read a talk he gave at the Vancouver School of Theology at a convocation. His talk did speak about priestly ministry. It was an intelligent speech, better than many convocation addresses I’ve heard. Now, concerning the Worley event, can I point out Bishop Privett has admitted there is schism in North American Anglicanism? He is the only Canadian Bishop I know who has honestly admitted this .

      I thought his barring Jacob Worley from becoming a Bishop made sense in this way: There is fear that if Worley were Bishop of Caledonia, if the 2019 National Synod votes again to change the Marriage Canon, Worley might be a Bishop capable of taking a diocese out of the ACOC.So Bishop Privett was deciding, one can’t be a priest who switches sides. If we are in a schism, then it means we are in a fight. But in the confusion and ambiguity of historical process, the question who is a faithful priest and who is an unfaithful priest is all mixed up. Also mixed up, is who is a faithful Bishop and who is an unfaithful one.

      I thought yanking Worley’s license to be a priest in Canada was an over reaction.

      • From your comment I would conclude that Canon Worley clearly stands for the truth whereas the current primate and his apostate colleagues worship the “god of political expediency”. The time has long since past for genuine orthodox bishops to take a stand for the Gospel and bring the church back into orthodoxy. The authority of Scripture has and never will be subject to the majority vote of any body including Synods or bishops. Clergy are supposed to be faithful to the Word and not to apostate so-called bishops.

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