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  1. The Way seems “BROAD and many there be that are on it” that leadeth to destruction. What an abominable disgrace. Even animals have more dignity. The United States and Canada have gone too far for God to forego judgment, and, if that be the case, bring it on if it will awaken us from our stupor.

  2. I didn’t watch over the weekend, and felt no need to listen to commentaries. But looking at these pictures, I am devastated with sadness and driven to tears. We have been taught to love one another as Jesus loves us, but I see no Christ love in these pictures. I only see self love and glorification. Tragic!

  3. What twisted behaviours we have been asked to normalize. What sexual libertarians have glorified,God calls an abomination with dire eternal consequences.

    A parishioner said this – If any of walked down the main street of our cities like this – with our genitalia exposed – we would be arrested for lewdness and indecent exposure.

    Howe blind society has become that the obvious double-standard seems to have eluded us.

    • Once upon a time, the slaves from Africa were exposed naked and were closely inspected by the prospective buyers to determine if they were healthy. Perhaps these persons in the photos wanted the world to know that they were healthy.

  4. Although God has given everyone the freedom to choose their lifestyle, He warns us that if we follow a path that flies in the face of the guidelines of His word, and the teaching of Christ, we remove ourselves from under the protection of His care. That is our choice – but what a terrible choice.

  5. How far away seem the days when we were all solemnly lectured that what two people did in private was nobody else’s business. What a lie that was!

  6. Sin has never been a private concern only. The sins of our neighbors have consequences for us. Though all in Israel were not wicked at the time of the captivity, they were all alike carried off to Babylon and suffered – the innocent with the wicked. The sin of Adam brought suffering and death to all of us. Our two nations – Canada and the United States – had best brace for a “terrible swift sword.”

    • I don’t think that’s been God’s modus operandi for a while now. Our countries have done wrong to many people, actual physical and psychological injury to men, women and children, and God has not struck us down. He’s guiding us to be better. He’s inspiring us and giving us strength.
      Honestly, if he did strike us down for Pride Parade but not for the child abuse in the churches, for the secret American prisons and for the use of armed drones with the amount of collateral damage that they do, I’d be a little freaked out.

      • I would not be surprised, with an opinion which you profess, to find your own face among those morally-decrepit souls pictured above. God’s so-called ‘modus operandi’ has not changed from the beginning, and will not change, for the wicked feelings of men who “not only do these things, but takes pleasure in those who do.”
        Sin in every place is condemned by God, but especially those that fly in the face of decency and moral order. By the way, you already seem a bit freaked out – no thanks to drones.

        • I’m not following you. Are you in fact saying that abusing children and killing innocent people is on a par with wearing a coloured wig in the street?

        • This kind of comment is to be expected from Vincent. You can even time them. He is the epitome of self-righteousness, though he’s just a little off the right track. He likes to show how Anglican-ly moral he is….which means, of course, he isn’t moral at all.

          I often think it is only that being an Anglican is much easier than being almost anything else, and it still gives Vincent some kind of identity to boast about. He gets to attend that posh cathedral in Montreal (even though they have a major druggie problem on the property).

          And I am sure we will all now be treated to many more finger-wagging comments from Vincent, explaining to us why Christianity has it all wrong. You can find the Vincent types everywhere these days. He isn’t original in the least. Patience, everyone.

      • I think you are quite right Vincent. We tend to focus on the one sin that holds no attraction for most people while ignoring our own. The leaven of wickedness is spreading into so many areas of life that God will probably nuke us all to end our misery. Or we might all repent?

        • Sins of moral depravity always preceded the vicious sins that get or greater attention. They rot away the soul by convincing us that there is no moral restraint to private proclivities, and then to public acts of terror. If a man has no moral conscience, what will retrain him from committing the murder of innocents in their mother’s womb, or innocents sitting in a public café?

  7. My old gay friend who claimed he was born that way once told me that he had never been to a gay parade and would never attend one. He said he had fought all his life for “inclusiveness” and that he would be damned if having achieved equality he would spoil it all by making a public spectacle of himself. And he wasn’t even an Anglican!

  8. Neither are any who either commit, or ally themselves, with such filthy and immoral conduct, an Anglican. The Anglican Faith and doctrine is not expressed in the conduct of lascivious men, but adheres to the faith for which the Reformers were willing to die. All who call themselves Anglican, or even Christian, are not necessarily so. ” 21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”
    Matt 7:21-23 (KJV)

  9. I don’t have much of a problem with public nudity — I think there are more pressing concerns — but I can see that this might be highly offensive to some.
    I have to ask: isn’t there a bylaw prohibiting public nudity in Toronto? If so, why wasn’t it enforced?

      • Possibly. My point is that if there’s a bylaw against it, all it takes is one complaint and the police shows up.
        As I say, I don’t actually mind myself, but I totally get that others might.

        • Exactly Vincent.

          If these two disgusting exhibitionists were endowed with small flaccid penises I suspect that they would be wearing grass skirts…

          But, as everybody knows, its the “erection-via-sexual stimulation that produces the ‘big kahuna’…

          Oops, so maybe they were just stimulated by their public display of penis?

          I don’t care either, but my kids might be offended, although I suppose I should ask them. My seven year old would likely say: “It’s a penis”, and go back to his Mandarin homework.

          • My wife would probably be a little put out. My kids… would find it a little weird, I guess, because it is unusual, but they would certainly not be traumatised, I don’t think.
            No question that it’s not exactly helpful in advancing the cause of equality, though. It opens a wide door to close-minded people to go apoplectic over a spectacular side issue and takes the focus away from more important aspects of the debate.

    • Is public nudity acceptable in today’s Toronto? I have not heard about any arrests of these men by the police yet.

    • E
      “Father” indeed! Sounds like the degenerate ones among the Children of Israel who called for orgies while Moses was on the Mount. I hope you have children in order to justify your title; else you need to sue whatever bishop ordained you – it didn’t take!

  10. I thought our goal is to glorify God in all that we do? (1 Cor 10:31). This really makes me sad. The unregenerate do, what the unregenerate do. Romans 1:18-32…God has given them up to a debased mind. 🙁

  11. These are not real Anglicans but rather perverts and misguided individuals who have swallowed the positions of the Primate and other so-called bishops who have proven they are also not true Anglicans as they refused to accept the authority of Scripture and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ. The ACoC as it now stands is no longer Christian and simply worships any god (note the spelling of god, I did not say GOD) that happens to have the general acceptance of society.

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