United Church of Canada elects homosexual moderator

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A Vancouver-based minister who describes himself as a passionate preacher and poet, the Rev. Dr. Gary Paterson was elected Moderator of The United Church of Canada by the 41st General Council on August 16, 2012.

Paterson becomes the first openly gay leader of a major Christian denomination. At a news conference following his election, he rejoiced that his sexual orientation has been a non-issue.

Of course his “sexual orientation” (was there ever a more meaningless euphemism) is a “non-issue”: the United Church of Canada is a non-issue. No-one particularly cares what it thinks and no-one particularly cares who moderates its vacuous blatherings.

Congratulations, Rev. Dr. Gary Paterson; I trust you plan on going down with the ship.
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13 thoughts on “United Church of Canada elects homosexual moderator

  1. Good for the UCC.
    This is a natural progression for them into a pagan sect.
    If ever there was a blueprint for de-establishing a Christian denomination, the UCC would be at the head of the list.

  2. He rejoiced that it was a “non-issue”; that is, that no-one dared suggest that a public pervert was an inappropriate person to hold the position. I bet he did. What finer example of total surrender could there be? And since he raised the issue himself, clearly he is celebrating, not that it was a “non-issue” but victory.

    How the establishment must be laughing to see these funny religious folk burn their incense to Caesar! After all, if the establishment demanded that they sell their children, evidently they would do that too.

    Servility is always rewarded with contempt, and we need spend no time on any group of people so foolish.

  3. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see that happen within the ACoC sometime in the future. Maybe when Fred retires, his successor will probably be an openly gay man/woman in a relationship and most likely married.

    Frankly, I don’t see how this can be considered “progression.”

  4. Rev Gary Paterson is a very talented person was an English Teacher at the University of British Columbia before becoming a minister for the United Church of Canada.

    I think that he mentioned that one of his grandparents was a Minister for the United Church of Canada as well.

    He has a good academic aptitude as well as some clergy in his roots as well.

    I also read a newpaper article about him mentioned how he does not believe in birth sin of the incarnation while at some kind of intergfaith gathering.

    Rev Patterson also mentioned that he agreed more with the Jewish Rabbi and the Muslim than the Roman Catholic Priest.

    In one of his sermons said, ‘Jesus is not like God, God is like Jesus. When a mother sees her child run around sees her heart run around’.

    I felt kind of funny hearing this sermon at St Andrew’s-Wesley some time ago was around 2005 when they had their 60th anniversary.

    I phoned someone from my church about the sermon and she said, ‘That is heresy’

    She also said, ‘I was at St Andrew’s-Wesley and saw this picture of a peacock with the wings up in a certain was and as an artist see that as a portrayal of blowing the top off of the Holy Trinity’

    I sense something different about the atmosphere of St Andrew’s-Wesley compared to other churches.

    I am originally from the United Church of Canada

    A United Church of Canada friend told me that, ‘The United Church of Canada has a wide latitude of interpretations of scripture’

    Also, was at a United Church Covenanting Congregation mentioned to me, ‘In the United Church is quite a broad interpretation of scripture’

    I believe that the bible is the word of God

    I believe in the Holy Trinity as well

    I believe that I am a sinner as a result of the fall of Adam and Eve

    I believe that Jesus was incarnate by the Holy Spirit into the Virgin Mary

    I trust in The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth

    I like a good sermon as well

  5. Read the above and find that Rev Gary Patterson is an unusually highly gifted person.

    He has a lot of high aptitudes and talents

  6. Roger Pearse

    I’m only trying to mention a biography the Rev Patterson when I typed in the article about him

    On the websight mentions how he scored quite high in Provincial Exams at School to become an English Teacher at UBC, a United Church Minister then a Moderator.

    One of his ancestors is clergy as well

    My church is Anglican Church of North America

    This situation is about the power of prayer

    In around 2008 was an article in the Vancouver Sun where Patterson was one of a small number of persons taking part in an interfaith gathering.

    In the gathering was:

    Rev Gary Patterson United Church of Canada Minister

    A Jewish Rabbi

    A Muslim Minister

    and a Roman Catholic Priest

    Patterson went on to mention how he did not believe in birth sin or the incarnation and how he agreed more with the Jewish and Muslim than he did with the Roman Catholic Priest.

    He was honest about what he believes

    When he preaches and interacts has very good people skills too.

    Once attending St Andrew’s-Wesley around 2005 heard his sermon and in it how he said, ‘Jesus is not like God, God is like Jesus. When a woman gives birth to a child, she sees her heart running around the room….’

    This is the way he is.

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