A safe space for Trumpophobics

The Diocese of New Westminster along with St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church, representatives of the fastest declining denominations in North America, are banding together “to offer an antidote to the fear and despair” resulting from democracy in action in the USA.

Franklin Graham seems to have been the catalyst for this but honourable mention is given to “right-wing groups” in Europe, Vladimir Putin and Rodrigo Duerte. “The list goes on” as the article below notes, but it doesn’t go on to include Iran, Syria, North Korea, China, Iraq or any of the other countries that concentrate much of their national energy on persecuting Christians.

The featured speakers include an imam, a Zen Buddhist and Michael Ingham, one of the most divisive Anglican bishops of the 20th Century.  Anglicans should feel quite at home.

The event is called: Hope Amidst the Politics of Fear: Conversations for Creative Resistance. Even though Franklin Graham will be in Vancouver, he hasn’t been invited to state his side of the story; liberals generally can’t cope when both sides of an argument are presented. Their brains shut down in self-defensive panic. These days, I think it’s called “triggering”.

From here:

People have been confiding in Vancouver Rev. Gary Paterson that they’re having trouble feeling hopeful.

In a political era characterized by U.S. President Donald Trump, growing immigrant-skeptic movements in Europe and the murder of six Quebec Muslims, the minister at St. Andrew’s-Wesley United Church wanted to offer an antidote to the fear and despair he’s hearing from members of his church and the public.

So Paterson, past moderator of the United Church of Canada, teamed up with another downtown Vancouver clergyman, Rev. Peter Elliot of Christ Church (Anglican) Cathedral, to have a multi-faith group of speakers lead a four-part series in March titled Hope Amidst the Politics of Fear: Conversations for Creative Resistance.

“It’s partly a reaction to what’s happening in the United States. But the U.S. has such an influence on the world, especially Canada,” Paterson said, noting the city has been divided by the Vancouver crusade of American evangelist Franklin Graham, a major Trump supporter, to be held March 3-5.

“It’s also a reaction to reports from Europe about right-wing groups gaining traction … and to the aplomb with which (Russian President Vladimir) Putin seems to be acting these days and to (strongman Rodrigo) Duerte in the Philippines. The list goes on.”

4 thoughts on “A safe space for Trumpophobics

  1. Dear distressed liberal: you should read the book of Daniel (it’s in the Old Testament) (( the Old Testament is the book Jesus Christ came to fulfill )) ((( Jesus Christ is the God-in-the-flesh man whose words you guys are supposed to believe and obey ))). As per Daniel, our sovereign God reigns. He puts in power those whom he chooses. He also listens to the cries of his people when they see a nation going off the rails. Many Christians sensed God was going to sovereignly install the leader of his choosing in this election.

  2. No doubt there will be much speech which, if directed toward a favoured minority would be categorized as, “hate,” but against conservatives, especially Trump or Graham, not so much.

  3. Any true orthodox Christian would have nothing to do with any action in which Michael Ingham is involved. He has proven by his aggressive action against genuine orthodox Christians that he is NOT Christian. Further the article suggests that Islam and Christianity have the same god. Nothing could be further from the truth. Islam is NOT a peaceful religion despite the claim otherwise. The clear teachings of the Qua-ran is that non-believers should be killed. Further I spoke with an imam following one of the incidents in Paris just to see his reaction. The result was a very short but direct statement – after all they desecrated the prophet.

  4. It is becoming quite the laughable farce to watch these characters convulse through their kanipshin. What adds to the entertainment of it all is that these buffoons do not even realize that no-one takes them seriously.

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