6 thoughts on “March for Life, Ottawa 2017

  1. May our God bless all His wonderful saints and servants who took the time and effort to stand up, speak up, and be counted on the side of the angels for the little children who never see the light of day. May your efforts bear fruit and see minds changed, and lives be saved, by those who hear Christ’s message of love, and let the lives within them see the light of day, and the Light of God. Bless you all, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

  2. The last photo is priceless: The RCMP cop holding the semi-automatic weapon and the demonstrator in front of him. The looks on both their faces are raw. No words spoken but the cops face is saying “look what I have”. The demonstrator, rather than express shock or fear looks appalled –“are you serious”?

  3. I was there. I have a personal intellectual discipline of: on the one hand,
    when attending to someone expressing a view I generally agree with,
    look for reasons to criticize it, and on the other hand, when attending to
    someone expressing a view I generally disagree with, look for any possible
    merit in it. [ A negative-feedback corrective aimed at finding common
    ground. Productive if both sides do it. If only one side does it you have
    a Prisoners Dilemma scenario. ] Thus, regarding the latter, I sought for
    any possible merit in the signs and slogans of the “pro-choice” demonstrators.
    I found none. The most promising was “Against abortion, don’t have one”.
    I attempted to engage one young woman with such a sign, pointing out to
    her its logical, explicit and implicit, structure. That is, “opposed to X, then
    do not do X” carries an implicit connotation “but let other people not opposed
    to X do X”. Sounds OK if X is going to the cinema, but what if X is murder,
    torture, genocide ? Obviously, “opposed to X, then do not do X” has a
    (generally libertarian, personal choice) force dependent on the specifics of X.
    The young woman with the sign just did not get it. Other much less promising
    signs included the silly “what belongs in a uterus ? .. IUD ..what does not belong
    in a uterus ? .. religion ..” and the utterly inane “keep your rosaries off our
    ovaries”. I have to conclude that the battle for human rights for the pre-born
    is part of a larger struggle to get people to acknowledge the value of clarity
    of thought.

    • One of the signs on display in the 2015 march would be a front-runner in a silliest pro-choice sign contest should you decide to run one:

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