Teacher in Anglican School to begin next term as a cross-dresser

Nathan Upton will start Christmas as a man and end it as a man pretending to be a woman; when he returns he wants to be addressed by his pupils as “Miss Lucy”.

Naturally, he has the full support of the headmistress, school governors, local education authority and church diocese; after all, who wants to be the victim of an Equality Act investigation?

Nevertheless, this isn’t going to end well. When I think back to my school days and the torment to which we subjected any teacher who displayed any manner of weakness – I shudder to think what we would have done to the hapless Mr. John had he arrived dressed as a woman in addition to acting like one – I fear Mr/Miss Upton is doomed.

From here:

A Church of England Primary school has written to parents to explain that a male teacher will be returning after Christmas as a woman.

St Mary Magdalen’s School in Accrington have asked pupils to address Nathan Upton as Miss Lucy Meadows from the start of the Spring term.

Karen Hardman, the head teacher at the school, said Mr Upton, who will also be dressing as a woman, has her full support.

Parents were informed of the decision at the bottom of a school letter, after a number of other retirement announcements and class room changes.

17 thoughts on “Teacher in Anglican School to begin next term as a cross-dresser

  1. Remember, school children are the fairest and least judgmental creatures on earth. I expect all to go smoooooothly.

    “Nothing creepy to see here. Just move along!”

  2. Well I suppose that I am one of the intollerant bigots, because if it were my children who were enrolled in this school I would be informing the Principal and the Board of Directors that I will be finding another good and truly Christian school for my children to attend. A school that does not endorse people who butcher the body that God gave them.

    • The teacher should have talked to the parents about it, obviously, but kids are not the wilting flowers we so often think they are. That’s a very grownup-projecting-insecurities-onto-kids thing.

      • Yes but children are impressionable and they often take what their elders say as truth (for better or for worse). This is an example of social engineering. Is it really necessary as a component of a complete education or motivated by other interests?

    • For those who might be interested, here is the video:

      I am profoundly grateful that my children are long past the point of being subjected to what now passes for education in Canada but, had one of one my children’s teachers shown this to them without my consent, I would have petitioned to have him fired.

      Of course if he talked to me about it beforehand, I would have told him that I would petition to have him fired.

    • For all the noise about their sexuality, ever notice just how thorough-goingly unsexy members of the LGBTTTQQIAA community are?

      Tranny Santa reminds me of watching the Pride promoters handing out colourful trinkets to elementary-age children on the street back in July — as though they were performing a real public service and doing these children a great good. Children love rainbows and children love Santa; what better way to — as they used to say — co-opt them? The parents often seemed to agree. But, then, I noticed they seemed to see what they wanted or were conditioned to see, rather than what was actually in front of them.

      Marketers understand all too well just how impressionable children as a target audience are. Pride Parade bills itself as family-friendly. I saw it as anything but. What I saw was big government and corporate interests denying the autonomy of the family and the individual, reducing people to component parts by which they are then enfolded as half-adults, as Mr Robert Bly says, into the collective, rather than growing into mature and responsible citizens capable of ordering and conducting their own lives; having a conscience and able to think thoughts that may go against the collective grain. I don’t think it was an accident that Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein was the corporate voice for Human Rights Campaign.

      I agree, Vincent, children are not the wilting flowers we may think. But then, how many toxic substances is any one immune system supposed to have to cleanse itself of; and how many is too many? The projecting that’s going on is going the other way ’round. People who don’t want to grow up will negate there even is such a thing as adulthood. They’re also willing to deprive those who actually are children of childhood. Assuming it’s even mentioned at all, that Christmas is reduced to being a “jumping off point for discussion of transgender issues”? The 4th grade teacher was so busy patting himself on the back for being ‘progressive,’ he couldn’t consider just how culturally illiterate his lesson plan for that day actually was.

      • Excuse me, but could you expand LGBTTTQQIAA for the benefit of those of us who aren’t into acronymics?
        I know LGBTIQ, but the repetition of T and AA escape me. I thought AA means Alcoholics Anonymous, but apparently there’s something else meant here.

        • You mean you haven’t “liked” their Facebook Page where all is revealed? I am disappointed.


          • Thanks, David. Believe it or not, I wasn’t trying to be insulting. It’s a legitimate criticism to point out that people who’ve made so much of their sexual orientation, don’t actually seem at ease and happy about that side of things. And you can’t blame discrimination for that, not any more.

  3. Humiliation of teachers etc. who are cross-dressers: Yes, at my boys’ boarding school (1960s) I do remember boys who were disliked faced the ultimate insult “You homosexual you!”; but have you seen the Alan Bennett play The History Boys? That play portrays an English boys’ school in the 1950s, but there, homosexuality is portrayed as acceptable, even commendable – not the way it was in reality. Gay writers (eg. Bennett) are busy re-writing the past to make their … seem normal/acceptable.

  4. children as a target audience are. Although you weren’t referring to pedophiles it is disappointing that forces outside the church are tackling this problem when the church itself should be leading the charge.

  5. In case it has been overlooked, this individual committed suicide a few days ago following the press reaction to the announcement.

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