Politics and the Bishop

Bishop Kevin Robertson, in this case, the newly minted Bishop in the Diocese of Toronto who happens to be a practising homosexual.

Here, he uses Lent to lecture us about the evil of walls:

Lent is an invitation to tear down walls

It is vital that this work of tearing down walls continues. Over the past few months, the world has witnessed an increase of suspicion and mistrust of “the other.” The proposed border wall between the U.S. and Mexico threatens the further separation of two peoples that, though divided by citizenship, are united in so many other ways. In a speech in Berlin 30 years ago, American President Ronald Reagan famously challenged his Russian counterpart, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” But now, a new president is threatening to erect new walls with the aim of keeping people apart. The recent executive order to restrict entry into the U.S for people of seven Muslim-majority countries is another kind of wall. It paints entire nations and peoples with a single brush, and heightens a sense of xenophobia around the world. Even here in our own country, we were shocked and saddened by the murder of six Muslim men at a Quebec City mosque in late January. Again, a reminder of the wall s that divide us.

None of this is surprising, of course. It is worth pointing out that the Mexico wall is designed to keep illegal immigrants out of the US while the Berlin Wall was used to imprison East Berliners in their communist paradise by their own government; that doesn’t matter much to Robertson. Robertson’s article is quite clearly one that aligns with a liberal-left view of immigration and national sovereignty; it has nothing to do with the Gospel and is likely to alienate people whose politics don’t match Roberson’s.

Now, had Robertson been in favour of the US-Mexico wall, he probably wouldn’t have got his new job in the first place, but if by some miracle he had, I’m sure there would be howls of righteous indignation from our clerical elite denouncing his opinions and demanding that he be prevented from speaking from any pulpit in Canada. Just as they have done for Franklin Graham.

Here is the bishop smiling happily within the walls of one of his churches:

9 thoughts on “Politics and the Bishop

  1. I wonder what he makes of the wall I understand Mexico has built on its southern border to keep out (presumably, undesirable) Central Americans!

    [To be clear, I am no fan of Trump’s but I am a fan of consistency in political rage.]

  2. O spare us, Bishop Robertson. Your virtue signalling is unattractive and unappealing.

    Three questions for the good bishop: 1) Do you, by any chance, have a door to your domicile? 2) Does it have a lock? 3) Do you make use of your door and its lock? Well then, you, too, have a “wall” to keep people out.

    Aren’t there many needy people who would benefit from the comforts of your home? Do you think it selfish that you don’t open your door wide to let such people decide unilaterally that they will live with you and your family? I believe you need to think a little more honestly about this issue.

    • Oriana, your points are good ones. I think what astonishes me is that the parallel seems like such logical one, yet I have not heard anyone else make it. Kudos.

  3. Building a wall is not a new idea. We must not forget the great Wall of China. Every country has the right to build its own wall at its borders.

  4. Tearing down walls is a speciality of this fellow’s social club. Why his club did an excellent job of tearing down the walls of our beloved St.Hilda’s church building, after dispossessing Biblical faithful Christians, freeing them to obey God’s Word, and worship the Risen Jesus Christ as Lord. And they are certainly experts on xenophobia, fearing those as they do, who would point out their apostasy and heresy. I am waiting for his shock and sadness of the ongoing slaughter of our Coptic Christian brothers, and the thousands of brethren martyred, and all those killed, by the hands of Islamic terrorists. Perhaps at their next church building rip-down, or a Muslim prayer service, in one of their club houses, he will be able to express that sadness. Until then, I will pray he is born again, and saved by our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Terry, I believe you are correct. Certainly, I and a multitude of others are not welcome in the “tolerant, diversity-loving, inclusive”, virtue signalling ACoC. Ironies abound.

  5. Just another apostate within the ACoC who cannot stand to see anyone who might proclaim the true Gospel. Although he obviously dislikes the new President of the U.S., he fully endorsed and continues to endorse anything that works against the true Gospel. Those who are true to the Gospel are and have been thrown out of the ACoC and in many cases have had their properties legally stolen by these apostates.

  6. Too much politics is not good for our souls. We must not worship any political messiahs, who cannot solve our fundamental problem – sin. Let us look at the big picture, not just focus on any minor concerns. Because of the fall of Adam, all humans have become God’s rebels. Jesus came to save us. All those who believe in Him will be saved. After receiving the gift of eternal life here and now, the saved live according to the will of God, sharing the Good News with others. We are ready for the return of Jesus, the resurrection of the body, the final judgment and the new heaven and the new earth.

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