Retired Bishop of Caledonia responds to the barring of bishop-elect Rev Jacob Worley

Bishop William Anderson doesn’t think much of the Provincial House of Bishops’ decision to overturn the election of Rev Jacob Worley. The unravelling continues.

From the ACA:

In answer to our questions Bp. Anderson said that in his opinion the Provincial House of Bishops “conducted an unprecedented investigation that was predetermined from the outset.” He also said that the statement in their press release was at odds with Rev. Worley having “repeatedly stated that he had every intention of following the discipline and doctrine of the ACC” and that the questions asked by the Province “were crafted behind the scenes by the provincial and national chancellors and they were also involved in giving their analysis of Jake’s answers.”

Bp. Anderson continued,

“Furthermore they rejected him on the basis of a charge for which he has never been formally accused or disciplined by anyone.

“I think that the fact that they chose to override the electoral synod’s decision is appalling. There was a full month before the synod when all the delegates and the bishops had the CVs for all nominees and had the chance to raise concerns. Yet at the synod the archbishop and chancellor told the synod there were no canonical objections.

“This is a terrible development and should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that the much lauded promise of a conscience clause in the proposed new marriage canon is completely worthless.”

5 thoughts on “Retired Bishop of Caledonia responds to the barring of bishop-elect Rev Jacob Worley

  1. No Conscience Clause protected me Forty years ago when I publicly protested against the Blasphemy of attempting to “ordain” women and the Bishop of Toronto Inhibited me with the “blessing” of the then Metropolitan of Ontario and of Archbishop Ted Scott. And now the FEMIINAZI hordes are pretending to be “Bishops” in Diocese after Diocese.. “Conscience Clauses” are a joke to these evil people who so often infest the episcopate !

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