Diocese of the Arctic responds to the barring of bishop-elect Rev Jacob Worley

As I mentioned here, the House of Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of BC & Yukon has blocked the consecration of Rev Jacob Worley as bishop of Caledonia. The objection, based on a flimsy technicality was, with little doubt, made because Worley is theologically conservative and does not conform to the mold of galloping liberalism that tyrannises the Anglican Church of Canada.

Rt. Rev. David W Parsons, Bishop of the Arctic has responded to the House of Bishops. The letters that follow provide considerable insight into the ecclesiastical chaos that once was the Anglican Church of Canada. Click on the images for PDF versions:

Unhappily, I don’t have the emailed response to this. Here, though, is the reply to the email:

6 thoughts on “Diocese of the Arctic responds to the barring of bishop-elect Rev Jacob Worley

  1. The only editing required by these letters penned by David the Arctic is that “Apostle’s”, “provinces”, “bulling” in the first, and “publically” in the last, be corrected. That’s assuming that he actually wrote these wrong forms. The theology is fine.

    Better bad writing than bad doctrine and sinful practice in any Year of Our Lord! He is writing to bishops who in some cases walk in ‘Gay Pride’ parades, permit and encourage same-sex ‘blessings’ and ‘weddings’, and vote accordingly in the Councils of our church. And have contributed to a situation where the international Lambeth meetings cannot be called because of their aberrant views.

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