Ashu Solo wishes you a Miserable Christmas

bus displays2.jpgAshu Solo is a professional whiner or, to use the euphemism currently in vogue, “activist”. He complained about the saying of grace at a volunteer appreciation night and now he is complaining that the City of Saskatoon is wishing everyone Merry Christmas on its buses.

It violates his right to freedom from religion.

From here:

The city of Saskatoon is facing the possibility of a human rights complaint after it refused to yank the “Merry Christmas” message from the top of its buses despite allegations of discrimination.

On Monday, local activist Ashu Solo vowed to take the matter to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, claiming the Christmas greetings violate his right to be free from religion.

He said the salutation also favours Christianity over other religions, which is particularly problematic for Saskatoon’s immigrant community, many of whom rely on bus service.

“Christmas messages on Saskatoon Transit buses make them feel like they need to convert to Christianity to be first-class citizens,” he wrote in a complaint.

There is only one thing I can think of to say to Mr. Solo:


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  1. As I posted on CBC he should be given a list of all churches and by the time he is done it will be Easter and he can start all over.

    And he is in Canada why?

    • Ditto…..he must be starving for some kind of attetion. First the busses, then let’s stop all sort of Christmas celebrations at the mall….and get rid of that nasty fat old guy in the red costume!

  2. I have nothing nice to say about this grinch, so I will not say anything at all… Other than move to the USA if you don’t like our country, or feel the need to come here and stop us from celebrating our holidays… I don’t come to your country and tell you to stop celebrating yours so **** off.

  3. Do we know for sure he wasn’t born in Canada? I’ve been trying to find out, because as silly as his grievances seem to me, the knee-jerk “go back to your country” reaction reflects even more poorly on us.

      • So the reaction “Go back to your country” is ever so slightly suspect. The dude’s a whinger, no question, but he’s a homegrown one. 🙂

        • If I had been in India last month – instead of here in sunny Canada – , or even if I were to take up permanent residence there, I would not take offence if someone wished me ‘Happy Diwali’.

          The question of why stay, regardless, may be pertinent here.

          By the way, India ranked as one of the worst countries in which to be a woman on the linked list, while egregious ‘Merry Christmas’-wishing Canada ranked among the best.

          • And, you know, in light of all the offensive, vapid and utterly tasteless material with which we are assailed constantly in advertising and the junk media, to find ‘Merry Christmas’ an affront, well, is kind of mind-boggling. So, yeah, it’s whining.

        • Great use of the British English “whinger” Vincent! For a fellow who has apologized for having English as a 2nd language I’m quite impressed. Personally I’m taking on as a disciple British spelling and pronunciations as a push back to the Americanization of Canadian English. Want to join the movement?

  4. Perhaps before he complains about a message displayed on a bus he should first complain about our Canadian Constitution, which oddly enough begins with the recognition of the supremacy of God. Also that our Canadian Constitution guarantees us freedoms “of”, not freedoms “from”.

    CONSTITUTION ACT, 1982 (80)
    1982, c. 11 (U.K.), Schedule B
    PART I

    Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

    Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms
    Marginal note:Rights and freedoms in Canada
    1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

    Fundamental Freedoms

    Marginal note:Fundamental freedoms

    2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
    (a) freedom of conscience and religion;
    (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
    (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
    (d) freedom of association.

  5. First world problems at their finest here… ‘The Merry Christmas sign on the bus makes me feel unwelcomed’ … this Solo guy needs to find better ways to gain meaning into his life. Get a hobby that benefits society because nobody cares stop wasting everyone’s time!

  6. I have heard of party-poopers, but this guy takes the cake. Merry Christmas means more of a reflection of time of year when we are a little more peaceful and generous with our family and our fellow man, and less about religion…or at least that is my take on it. Its the one good chance we have in the year when we can all wish even total strangers a nice greeting. If we said “have a great July 9th to some stranger in July, most would think we are nuts! This Solo guy has the weirdest photo on his facebook page, and says his political views are “Pitbull Progressive” I called the Saskatoon cops this morning after seeing his FB page….especially so close after the shooting of the kids in the US so last week…a pic of some weird creep holding an assault weapon….the cops are watching him……Brock from Vancouver ( I thought all the weirdos were here at the coast….but apparantly there are still some leftovers in the prairies!! )

  7. Ignore the ungreatful bugger and let him go totally SOLO as his name indicates, eventually he’ll quit whining.

    • Well apparently he was born here, but he has waited 30 years of Christmases to be offended. Perhaps he thinks he is in the land of his ancestors practicing the religion of peace.

      He has an impressive resume, not sure how accurate since it claims he was a platoon commander understudy in the Cdn. Army Reserve. I have no idea what that means. But that would make him a really junior officer or maybe just officer cadet, but he served honorably.

  8. Where to begin……
    What a complete and utter failure. Stories like this make me sick, especially coming from people like this. I hope santa drives his sled so far up his ass it hurts, but he would probably like it.
    And here’s another guy who grinds my gears….Rick Allwright
    I think its time we let these two degenerates know how we feel. Ive already contacted both.
    ashu m g solo –
    Email: [email protected]
    rick allwright –
    Email: [email protected]
    Cell – 902-746-4608

  9. I “HATE” these people who can’t keep their mouths shut. If you were born a Canadian then you should understand why Christmas is Christmas and why we celebrate it. Whether you are Canadian or not….If you can’t respect our rights and holidays, then in my mind YOU ARE NOT ONE OF US. You should be deported to somewhere else. I guess you are getting what you want: All of these people focusing on you, you piece of shit.

    • Dude, I manage to annoy almost everyone here, but I try to do it with some manners. Your opinion is aligned with almost everyone here, but do you think that particular style is helpful? The actual blog is very well written. Let’s all try to keep on our best game, yes?

  10. Shawn

    Sorry to break this to you Shawn but Solo is just as much “ONE OF US” as you are. Disagree with him as much as you want but hate him at the risk of your immortal soul!

  11. Mr Solo’s a Humbug.

    But I do think our celebration of Christmas is not all it should be. I would like to see a return to the observance of Advent, as a time of preparation and reflection. Remembering the old Yuletide tradition, where the Christmas revels extended over the 12 days from the Nativity to Epiphany; Instead of the new, crazed commercial tradition that lasts for a solid month in advance of the Nativity, and supplants Advent.

    There is a lot of depression and disappointment this time of year I believe this return would work wonders to alleviate, by bringing our celebrations into greater alignment with our older, more humane traditions and with the rhythms of the natural world.

      • In the spirit of the season … I was making the effort to be charitable to Mr Solo by considering what there may be in the way of a real basis for complaint about how Christmas is celebrated. [Not necessarily his complaint, but then people don’t always know what’s really bothering them.]

        It is a stressful time for a lot of people, and depression is a real problem. Celebrating Advent more widely (than your/my house/church) would help to reign in the hype and overblown (or misappropriated) expectations.

  12. Of all the persons living in Saskatoon, one might expect “a member of the city’s Cultural Diversity and Race Relations Committee” (to quote the Star Phoenix) would have a much better comprehension than the average hypocrite regarding the real meaning of tolerance in a multi (whatever) society. Perhaps Ashu (Scrooge) Solo doesn’t belong on that committee……..

  13. He is not on it anymore. Not asked back for a renewed term as a member and is no longer listed on the city’s website. Heard him on the Roy Green Show last week though saying he is filing a human rights complaint against the Race and Relations Committee if they removed him deliberately. Too funny! He must have the HRC on speed dial by now since he calls them so often.

  14. Ashu is doing all this for exposure. He is not muslim, rather he is atheist. Why conclude he is muslim? that is pure ignorance. He was born and bread here. He loves the attention do keep giving it to him!

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