A glimmer of sanity from Afghanistan

Humour is a wonderful gift from God. It can be used to puncture the pomposity of self-righteous bombasts and it is particularly satisfying to see it wielded against that most perfect paradigm of pretentious self-righteousness, the Islamist Mullah.

From here:

After a council of Afghan clerics issued restrictive guidelines for women, later embraced by President Hamid Karzai, young Afghans streamed to social media sites to lampoon the rulings, reports BBC Persian’s Tahir Qadiry.

“It’s outrageous,” wrote one young Afghan on his Facebook page.

“The next thing they’ll be saying is that Afghanistan needs to be divided up in two – one half for men and the other half for women.”

This was just one of thousands of comments posted on social media sites by young Afghans this week, after their country’s top religious council said that men and women should not mix at school, work or in other everyday situations.


“Ladies, you should not surface on Facebook without a male partner,” wrote Mahnaz Afzal, an Afghan woman currently working in London.

“We have asked the Facebook administrators to create separate profiles for women. You are not allowed to ‘like’ or ‘poke’ someone on Facebook or you will be cursed.”

“Could I please ask the Afghan girls not to comment on my posts unless they have permission from their fathers or husbands or the Ulema council?” one man tweeted.

“Girls are only allowed to access Facebook if they are wearing their burkas!” tweeted another.

One thought on “A glimmer of sanity from Afghanistan

  1. Is there any mention of Facebook or Twitter in the Koran?
    For that matter, is there any mention of means of transportation other than by foot, or on horseback, or camelback or animal powered vehicle? I that case, how do these Mullahs get away with restrictions on women making use of these modern inventions?

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