Rot discovered in the Diocese of Huron

No surprise there, but this time it’s in the cathedral.

From here:

For now, all prayers have stopped inside the main part of St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral.

On Saturday, church officials ordered the nave of Huron Diocese’s central church and 170-year old London landmark be closed after “some alarming results” were found by engineers during recent $1-million renovations.

At the west end of the church, near the main doors, more rot was found in the wooden trusses than expected, causing them to crack and split. That’s put extra pressure on the structure and the wall supports.

“One of the trusses was far more rotten than they had anticipated and so the end result is that the cathedral itself, the nave of the church, is unsafe,” said Barry Clarke, bishop-in-charge of St. Paul’s.

“We cannot worship in there at this time.”

I remember a number of years ago musing with an old friend on how his construction company had shored up the foundations of the Diocese of Niagara’s cathedral by injecting grout into them. Thanks to his efforts the cathedral is still standing; we agreed he had done too good a job.

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One thought on “Rot discovered in the Diocese of Huron

  1. There are various obvious parallels. But dry rot cannot be dealt with merely by doubling down and lying harder. Thus does God cauterise the tendency of men in sin to pretend nothing is wrong.

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