Diocese of Caledonia after Worley

Rev. Jacob Worley, was elected as the new Bishop of Caledonia by the diocese. Subsequently, he was turned down for the position by the province’s house of bishops because he held a view “contrary to the Doctrine or Discipline of the Anglican Church of Canada”, a church of such loose doctrine, discipline and morality that very few before Worley have accomplished this immensely difficult feat.

Now, the diocese is going through the whole process again.

There are two sad aspects to this: first, the fact that Worley was banned from being bishop on such a flimsy pretext and second, that the diocese is going along with it. Their accommodation to the liberal juggernaut reminds me of the rather flawed advice that politician Clayton Williams gave to potential rape victims: “if it’s inevitable, just relax and enjoy it.”

The Anglican Church of Canada loves to have a few tame conservatives on hand to be conveniently paraded whenever extra evidence of inclusion is needed; Caledonia has been tamed. The diocese should be wary, though: after rape comes pillage.

From here:

The diocese of Caledonia has decided to accept last month’s ruling by the provincial House of Bishops to block the consecration of the Rev. Jake Worley as bishop, its administrator says.

Worley was elected bishop of the diocese April 22, but on May 15 the House of Bishops of the ecclesiastical province of British Columbia and Yukon announced it was objecting to his election, citing ministry he had performed in the United States for the province of Rwanda. As specified in provincial canons, the bishops said, their decision was final.

On May 16, the Rev. Gwen Andrews, appointed to manage the diocese’s day-to-day affairs since the retirement of Bishop William Anderson last December, announced she was “shocked and saddened” by the decision, adding the diocese’s clergy and executive committee would be meeting May 25-26 to discuss how to respond to it.

In an interview with the Anglican Journal Thursday, June 2, Andrews said both the clergy and executive council had decided to put the decision behind them and begin planning for a second election, to be held some time before October 31.

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6 thoughts on “Diocese of Caledonia after Worley

  1. Planning for a second election….what a laugh- If you don’t like the results, vote again till the morons get it right…..sounds like the Brexit vote and all the lefties calling for another vote and the lefty leaders wanting to ignore the results all together

  2. A courageous diocese would elect Mr Worley a second time. And then the diocese could affiliate with ANiC, where he would be warmly welcomed.

    • Maybe you can find a job for him there if he is so great. Kind of reminds me of that old song,
      “They will know we are Christians by our Love”

  3. I heartily agree with Robert, re-elect Jake and then join the ANiC. That’s is exactly what South Carolina did after the TEC House of Bishops rejected his first election because a few of the consent documents were ruled to be spoiled ballots. They re-elected him and now they are happily in the ACNA.

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