Anglicans in the Toronto Pride Parade 2017

I expect you have been looking forward to seeing whether your favourite bishop made an appearance – you’ll have to guess who mine is and he didn’t – so here are a few photos (not mine).

Maybe it’s just me but when looking at the lady priests, I can’t shake the uneasy feeling that they would really like to be cavorting in fishnet stockings, spiked heels, black bra, lace panties, spiked dog collars and little else but haven’t quite screwed up the courage yet. Maybe next year. The stuff of nightmares, I know.

14 thoughts on “Anglicans in the Toronto Pride Parade 2017

    • Your comment seems to endorse homosexual activity and the support of the gay and lesbian community but the fact is that the act of Jesus becoming human had absolutely nothing to do with sex. The Trinity is clear – God in Three Persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Joseph was indeed the human father of our Lord but there is absolutely nothing in Scripture to suggest he has any other involvement. As Christians we are called to fully accept the authority of Scripture – NOT acceptance of that deceptive term “political correctness” or “political expediency”.

  1. David please do not refer to them as “lady priests”. Except in the rare case they are not LADIES and they are PRIESTESSES never Priests. In spite of the meaningless “CONSCIENCE CLAUSE ” I have been Inhibited as a real priest for FORTY YEARS for publicly denouncing the BLASPHEMY of attempting to “ordain” women. And now Diocese after Diocese is falling to the hordes of FEMINAZI BISHOPESSES. I warned you. Almost no one listened .

  2. Just raw pain for me. I served that church for over 40 years and thought I was following the Lord. Those pictures really hurt.

    • I feel your pain and share in it-my dear Church is gone- not only gone-if it just ceased to exist I would deal with it better than having it highjacked and gutted – I’m in mourning and can’t let it go- theres no “grave” to visit

  3. Once upon a time, the churches founded by the Apostle Paul proclaimed the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. The churches in the same locations have been under Satanic attacks for a long time. It is indeed very sad to witness our former congregations which are no longer proclaiming the true Gospel. I think at least 14 percent of the Parishes in the Diocese of Toronto are gay-friendly. Their number will certainly increase after the possible change of the Marriage Canon in 2019.

  4. That is Rev David Giffen in the black, and Bishop Kevin Robertson in the photo, Giffen was formerly at St Pauls Cathedral In London Ont. I can’t see the push for all of this LGBTQ2 because so few individuals are taking advantage of it or even attending the church. There was some sort of a “blessing” service at St Paul’s Cathedral in London Ont by the Rev. Kevin Dixon, between two LGBTQ2 males, but I think that that was simply to “push the envelope” if you will and to make some sort of “statement”. There has not been a “rush” to the church by the LGBTQ2 but I think most of the LGBTQ2 do not attend church regularly anyway. Bishop Kevin Robertson’s gay “lover” Mohan Sharma is in the photo as well.

  5. Well, as truly awful, and tragic, and sad, and even maddening as all this is, at least we can know that none of this has caught our Lord by surprise, and He told us through Scripture that this would happen more and more and more. Still, when I see all the “celebrating” and all the self-congratulatory parading, etc., it’s sad knowing that many of these same people will one day realize the truth only after it is forever too late.

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