The Episcopal Church finally does something useful

I know I tend to be a trifle negative about the Anglican Church of Canada and The Episcopal Church, implying, at times, that they are nothing but the sub-Christian, desiccated remains of once influential denominations that do little more than give Christianity a bad name, make a laughing stock of their congregants and bring grief and misery to anyone who questions what they see as their divinely appointed mission to empty Christianity of metaphysical coherence.

But today, all that has changed!

Michael Curry, presiding Bishop of TEC, has truly seen into the mind of God and is forging a new path to a future glowing brightly with the transcendent luminosity of harmony, truth and justice. He has signed an amicus brief urging the high court to allow men to use women’s toilets and vice versa. The New Jerusalem is upon is.

Read it all here:

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and House of Deputies President the Rev. Gay Clark Jennings are the lead signers on an amicus brief filed March 2 by 1,800 clergy and religious leaders in a U.S. Supreme Court case involving transgender-bathroom use policies.

The “friend of the court” brief comes in the case of G.G. v. Gloucester County School Board, which the American Civil Liberties Union and its Virginia chapter filed on behalf of Gavin Grimm and his mother, Deirdre Grimm, in June 2015.

The signers urge the high court to see that the ability to live in a country that guarantees transgender equality is a religious freedom issue. They said their faith communities have approached issues related to gender identity in different ways, but are “united in believing that the fundamental human dignity shared by all persons requires treating transgender students like Respondent Gavin Grimm in a manner consistent with their gender identity.”

7 thoughts on “The Episcopal Church finally does something useful

  1. Good grief. (And I was fooled! I actually thought there was some good news–though, even if that had been the case, it would be rearranging chairs on the Titanic. I know that one should not judge a book by its cover, but I didn’t think these two actually looked like they had good news for the likes of me. They didn’t. I intend to treat the transgendered as my neighbour: as human beings, they deserve my respect and courtesy. They are not owed special “rights” that disrespect the integrity and safety of others. Whatever happened to the idea of reciprocal rights?)

  2. So they are more concerned about people going to the bathroom than about people going to Church. No wonder their social(ist) clubs are dying.

  3. How is the “fundamental human dignity shared by all persons” applied to adults who are sexually attracted — through no choice of their own — to children or infants? Are there accommodations? Is anyone taking this on as a human rights issue?

  4. It was one of the “Smothers Brothers” who way-back-then composed a silly song, the text of which concluded:” I am my own Grandpa”. The song is becoming less funny and less silly as time passes on.

  5. “[The] ability to live in a country that guarantees transgender equality is a religious freedom issue.”

    Oddly, neither Hebrew nor Aramaic nor Koine Greek would seem to offer any equivalent scriptural term for “transgender equality”.

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