Bishops playing politics

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Some 125 Episcopal Church bishops signed a full-page ad that ran Sept. 21 in the New York Times, imploring President Donald Trump and member of Congress not to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the program known as DACA.

“To do so would endanger the lives of thousands of young people and their families and run contrary to the faith and moral traditions of our country,” wrote 122 bishops, along with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, 26th Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and 25th Presiding Bishop Frank T. Griswold. “It is unfair to threaten the well-being of young people who arrived in our country as children through no choice of their own.”

As you can see, the compassion of Anglican bishops knows no bounds.

Very soon we can expect Episcopal cathedrals, emptied of congregants driven out for non-compliance with Doublethink, to be filled with DACA victims, potential DACA victims and pretend DACA victims. Katharine Jefferts Schori will be housing at least ten personally in her home. Michael Curry, who earns over $280,000 annually placing him squarely among the despised 1 percenters, will be donating most of it to homeless migrants and will vacate his bishop’s residence to make room for ten more.

Frank Griswold has been asked to take in yet more illegal immigrants but is still working on the deeper hermeneutical meaning of the words take and in.

Remember, though, the main thing is to hate Trump with all the inclusive vitriolic loathing that this elite cadre of dog-collared oven mitt wearing geriatrics can muster. That’s what it means to be a missional church.

25 thoughts on “Bishops playing politics

  1. Very, very seldom does the episcopate in PECUSA do something right. Despising Trump and protecting potential victims of his sick policies is right. So cut the sarcasm !

    • It would depend on the policy, would it not? Did not Paul tell us to pray for those in authority? Can you despise someone and pray for them at the same time? Dislike them and pray, yes. Fear them and pray for them, yes. Despise them? I don’t know about that.

      • I use my own name and not quaint words like “anomymuse” or anonymous. As to the thought processes of Donald Trump’s mind and without questioning Section 7 of the American Psychiatric Association’s Principles of Medical Ethics perhaps the Athletes down on their knees are praying to G-d to protect them from the complete and total EVIL of the irrational , chauvinistic megalomaniac who inhabits the White House ! ?

        • Were many of those who did not kneel and instead locked arms, or did not even come out of the locker room, supporting their fellow players’ right to protest without showing agreement with those players’ opinions? Were Colin Kaepernick and others last year praying for protection from President Obama?

        • The protect as I understand it relates to alleged improper police action toward coloured residents. There might well be such incidents but from what the news has reported — and it must be remembered that the news media reports are generally filtered to suite their agenda. The movement BLACK LIVES MATTER needs to remember that ALL lives matter and that society can only survive if ALL respect law and authority. We need to pray for our country and also for society to respect law and authority.

      • I totally agree! I know an Anglican priest who gets very upset if Francis l is prayed for! Why ever not? Regardless of what one may or may not think of him, whether in agreement or disagreement or both, this is all the more reason for praying whether it be for the Bishop of Rome, the President of United States, or somebody else!!!

  2. I don’t think it is wrong for church leaders to dissent from government policy – far from it. But that dissent ought to be based on the policy itself as it directly conflicts with church teachings rather than simply a personal distaste or dislike of the US president.

    “Despise” seems a pretty dubious word for a church leader to use against the legally elected head of a democratic country.

      • Whatever one may think of Donald Trump, the Electoral College appears to have functioned in the last election as the founding fathers intended. It is a compromise between election of the president by a vote of Congress and election by popular vote. It was established to provide a degree of power for all states in that federal republic regardless of size. In any event, many of those in power in Paul’s time were not elected and so far would have made Donald Trump look benevolent in comparison.

      • So you’re saying that all your presidents obtained their positions illegally because they won the Electoral College vote? Including Lincoln, JFK and Obama? Huh.

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