The controversial anti-abortion flyer just arrived in my mailbox

Here it is:

Abort frontAbort backUnsurprisingly, having this type of disturbing image landing in one’s mailbox has upset a number of people. This person was shocked – not so much by the fact that such an atrocity is a routine occurrence in Canada, but by the fact that she and her children were confronted with an image of it:

“I do not appreciate having filth like that put where my children can see it possibly and I don’t believe that stuff should be put in anybody’s mail box unwillingly,” said Rudachyk.

“My next-door neighbour’s five-year-old granddaughter went and got the mail yesterday, saw this thing, and promptly vomited on the floor. She was so frightened by the pictures.”

Rudachyk is among many parents who have expressed concern about their children seeing the images.

“It was very shocking. I’m not easily shocked, but it was disgusting, honestly,” Ali McIlmoyl said after finding one in her mailbox.

Someone else thinks distributing the flyer is “child abuse”, although he has failed to notice the rather more severe abuse that was visited on the unborn baby:

“As far as I’m concerned, this amounts to child abuse,” he said. “My next door neighbour’s granddaughter got the mail yesterday and when she saw it she was so traumatized, she vomited on the floor.”

I have really no idea whether the distribution of these kinds of images hurts or benefits the pro-life cause, but I find it interesting that, in an age of unfettered pornography with its gaudy images of sordid fantasy, what provokes the most disgust is drawing attention to a sordid reality.

Justin Trudeau does Robin Hood imitation

From here:

Justin Trudeau is gambling that he can get away with a tax hike on wealthy Canadians to fund a middle-class tax cut for those who get “an ever-shrinking piece of the pie.”

The Liberal leader, long criticized for speaking in generalities, revealed the core theme of his election platform — Fairness for the Middle Class — at a folksy event in an Aylmer, Que., diner on Monday.

Specifically, he committed to a $670 tax cut for every Canadian who earns $44,701 or more — a pledge that will cost $3 billion.

It will be paid for by creating a new tax bracket of 33% for those who earn more than $200,000, he said. The Liberals project this change will bring in $3 billion, making the move revenue neutral to the federal government.

How is this really all is going to work, you might wonder. Like this:

Trudeau: Boston bomber felt “excluded”

Justin Trudeau, keen to chart new territories of shallowness while packing as many clichés into as few sentences as humanly possible, reckons the “root cause” of the Boston bombings was whatever gave the bomber a feeling of “exclusion”. If only the neighbourhood welcome wagon had got to him earlier.

There is no escape: from the Anglican Church of Canada to foppish liberal politicians, one vice rules them all – exclusion.

From here:

In an interview with the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge that aired Tuesday night, Trudeau was asked how he would have responded to the attacks that killed three people and left about 170 injured.

Trudeau said he would offer the American material support “and at the same time, over the coming days, we have to look at the root causes.”

“Now, we don’t know now if it was terrorism or a single crazy or a domestic issue or a foreign issue,” he said. “But there is no question that this happened because there is someone who feels completely excluded. Completely at war with innocents. At war with a society. And our approach has to be, where do those tensions come from?

Son of fuddle duddle

Justin Trudeau, peering down from the lofty heights of inherited privilege, cries “begone” to the envy and mistrust that has infested Canadian politics for the last – well, since his father invoked the war measures act in October 1970, suspended civil liberties and set tanks on the lawn of the parliament buildings.

Still, as Trudeau the younger notes, “our greatest strength is above ground” and his father is below it, so he is ready “to build a better life, a better Canada.”

A poll suggests that, with Trudeau at the helm, the liberals would win the next election. Jaundiced as I am about the tastes of Canada’s voting public, I still can’t fathom why someone whose grasp of a reasoned argument in defence of the Kyoto Protocol extends only so far as calling the Environment Minister a “piece of shit”, would end up as prime minister.

But, then, people voted for Trudeau senior and junior is merely following in Pop’s footsteps.

From here:

Justin Trudeau is off and running to lead the federal Liberals, determined to breathe new life into a party he says has lost touch with middle-class Canadians — and confront those critics who say he’s just a pretty face with a famous last name.

Hundreds of supporters in his riding of Papineau cheered as the 40-year-old Montreal MP confirmed his leadership ambitions, easily among the worst-kept political secrets in Canada.

“I am running because I believe this country wants and needs new leadership, a vision for Canada’s future grounded not in the politics of envy or mistrust,” Trudeau told a crowd peppered with Liberal party luminaries.

“One that understands, despite all the blessings beneath our feet, that our greatest strength is above ground, in our people. All Canadians, pulling together, determined to build a better life, a better Canada.”