Ashu Solo wishes you a Miserable Christmas

bus displays2.jpgAshu Solo is a professional whiner or, to use the euphemism currently in vogue, “activist”. He complained about the saying of grace at a volunteer appreciation night and now he is complaining that the City of Saskatoon is wishing everyone Merry Christmas on its buses.

It violates his right to freedom from religion.

From here:

The city of Saskatoon is facing the possibility of a human rights complaint after it refused to yank the “Merry Christmas” message from the top of its buses despite allegations of discrimination.

On Monday, local activist Ashu Solo vowed to take the matter to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, claiming the Christmas greetings violate his right to be free from religion.

He said the salutation also favours Christianity over other religions, which is particularly problematic for Saskatoon’s immigrant community, many of whom rely on bus service.

“Christmas messages on Saskatoon Transit buses make them feel like they need to convert to Christianity to be first-class citizens,” he wrote in a complaint.

There is only one thing I can think of to say to Mr. Solo:


Atheist threatens human rights complaint after public prayer

From here:

A Christian prayer by a city councillor at a City of Saskatoon volunteer appreciation dinner discriminated against non-Christians, says a volunteer who intends to complain to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.

Ashu Solo, a member of the city’s cultural diversity and race relations committee, was among the guests at the dinner Wednesday, where Coun. Randy Donauer said a blessing over the food in which he mentioned Jesus and ended with “amen.”

“It made me feel like a second-class citizen. It makes you feel excluded,” said Solo, who is an atheist.

What can one possibly say to an atheist who feels excluded by prayer? A number of things spring to mind, but I will confine myself to this: Good.