Archbishops Peter Jensen and Peter Akinola in Burlington

Archbishops Peter Jensen and Peter Akinola in were in Burlington Ontario this evening to talk about GAFCON.

Here are some photos:

Bishop Charlie Masters

Archbishop Peter Jensen

Archbishops Peter Jensen and Peter Akinola

Archbishop Peter Akinola

The gathering

Here is a video of the talk:

There wasn’t a time of questions and answers but I did briefly chat with Peter Jensen afterwards and had a chance to ask a couple of questions.

I asked if the GAFCON Primates were going to attend the Primates Gathering in Lambeth that Justin Welby has planned, given the fact that conservatives were bamboozled at the last Primates Gathering in 2016. He agreed that they were bamboozled and that it would probably be a repeat performance in 2017 but that it would be an individual choice for each Primate. Apparently, the English Church is very adept at exerting subtle pressure on the Primates.

The other question I had time to ask was whether a complete break with Lambeth was coming. He thought it was inevitable but when I asked, “soon?”, the reply was “not necessarily”.

Peter Jensen and Peter J Akinola in Burlington March 2nd

And in Vancouver March 7th.

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We have the privilege of hearing from the Most Rev Dr Peter Jensen, General Secretary of GAFCON and Retired Archbishop of Sydney, Australia; and the Most Rev Peter J Akinola, founding father of GAFCON and former Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion.

When I attended the last talk Peter Jensen gave in Burlington, I discovered to my delight, that he likes to insult people and even entire nations – he informed me the Welsh are no good at rugby, for example – although he insists that for Australians, insults are an expression of endearment. In case anyone is wondering, I’m not Australian.

Archbishop Peter Jensen in Burlington, Ontario

The General Secretary of GAFCON, the Most Rev Dr Peter Jensen, spoke in Burlington today.

Audio from his talk can be found below; the quality is not the best but, of the January Primates’ meeting, the Archbishop can be heard to say, quite clearly: “The January meeting has already been shown to be a complete failure”.

An itinerant minstrel opens in worship:_DSC9991Bishop Charlie’s introduction:
_DSC9995Archbishop Peter Jensen: