Amnesty International announces support of abortion in Ireland

For many years Amnesty International has routinely condemned democratic countries while largely ignoring far graver human rights abuses in countries like Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam and China. It is anti-America, anti-West and – anti-babies.

Rather than trying to protect the weakest and most vulnerable members of humanity – unborn babies – Amnesty supports their murder.

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Amnesty International Ireland has welcomed the Sinn Féin party’s new support for legal access to abortion services in cases of pregnancies with fatal foetal abnormalities.

A vote yesterday at the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis backed a change in party policy to allow for terminations in such circumstances. The party also voted to support the repeal of the 8th amendment to Ireland’s Constitution, which confers an equal right to life on ‘the unborn’ with that of the pregnant woman or girl.

Amnesty (an) International (joke)

But not a particularly funny one.

Some time ago an earnest young man knocked on my door to ask me if I would like to make a contribution to Amnesty International; and wouldn’t I like to see George Bush arrested when he arrived in Canada.

I rendered the hapless fellow speechless by informing him that Amnesty International was just beneath the Ku Klux Klan in the list of organisations to which I was likely to give money and that the only thing I really have against George Bush is that he didn’t waterboard enough terrorists.

I had to help the reeling cove back down my front steps.

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As an organization, Amnesty International is hard to please. Very hard.

You thought your parents were demanding, your boss unreasonable and your spouse unrealistic? They’re the picture of tolerance next to Amnesty, buddy. On his best day ever, Jesus couldn’t please these people.

The latest report, issued Wednesday, makes clear that the world has let Amnesty down. Again. The world — yes, the whole thing, all seven billion of us — is a constant disappointment to the people at Amnesty International, who just can’t figure out why we can’t measure up to a few simple rules.

The United Nations is denounced as essentially useless because it hasn’t managed to halt the bloodshed in Syria. Canada is condemned because we didn’t arrest George W. Bush when we had the chance. It has no time for the United States, because it keeps using drones to kill terrorists, without asking permission. The raid that finally ended the life of Osama bin Laden was illegal. Israel is, as always, a favourite target, accused of continuing its brutal treatment of Palestinians, and imposing a “blockade” of Gaza and its 1.6 million residents. Mexico makes the list for failing to protect human rights in its war against drugs. Even Switzerland gets a cuffing for its treatment of asylum-seekers, especially a pair of Nigerians who were treated badly when they landed in the country.


Amnesty International still suffering from BDS

Amnesty International still wants George W Bush to be arrested for “allegedly violating international torture laws”:

Amnesty International on Thursday continued its campaign urging nations around the world to arrest George W. Bush for allegedly violating international torture laws. This time they specifically targeted Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia where the former U.S. president is touring this week.

Bush began going through the countries on Monday to promote efforts to fight cervical and breast cancers, and Amnesty said the three nations have an obligation to arrest him under international law.

The extent of Amnesty’s Bush Derangement Syndrome malaise is emphasised by the fact that Ethiopia is one of the countries that they would like to arrest Bush. Of course, Ethiopia’s human rights record is a model of how torture is done properly, a paradigm from which more modest abusers – and the U.S. cannot even aspire to the status of modest abuser – have a lot to learn.

To compound the irony, Ethiopia’s record is found on Amnesty’s own site:

In November of 2005, Ethiopian police killed 6 and wounded as many as 24 civilians in a march protesting the recently released election results. There have been numerous reports of government opponents being taken from their homes in the aftermath of this incident. There have also been reports of widespread arbitrary detention, torture, “disappearances”, harsh prison conditions, and use of excessive force by police and soldiers against anyone suspected of supporting the armed opposition groups. No one responsible for a 2003 killing that left 63 Anuak people dead (witnesses and unofficial estimates put the number at several hundred) has been brought to justice.

Amnesty International wants Canada to arrest George W Bush

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Amnesty International wants the federal government to arrest former U.S. president George W. Bush when he visits British Columbia next week.

Alex Neve, Amnesty Canada’s secretary general then went on to make the understatement of 2011:

Neve conceded that arresting a former president would likely cause tension with the United States

In contrast, when the murdering madman, Muammar Gaddafi wanted to drop in to Canada, Amnesty was completely silent, leaving it to Stephen Harper to officially protest.

Any smattering of integrity that Amnesty International might have once possessed has long since dissipated and, in this latest foolishness, Amnesty has confirmed its compulsive asininity and irrelevance.


No Amnesty for the unborn

Another reason for not supporting the increasingly unhinged Amnesty International.

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Lima, Peru, Oct 27, 2010 / 01:51 pm (CNA).- Amnesty International has announced it will give Peru’s ministry of health a petition signed by 11,000 people calling for the legalization of abortion.

The organization’s secretary general, Salil Shetty, will meet Oct. 27 with Peru’s vice minister of health, Zarela Solis Vasquez. Shetty plans to deliver the petition signed by abortion supporters from Peru as well as other countries.