Justin Welby’s sense of humour

The Scottish Episcopal Church voted recently to approve same-sex marriages. At the last Primates’ meeting, TEC, which also marries same-sex couples, had to suffer the consequences of their action, including not participating in formal Anglican Communion meetings or voting on decisions related to policy or teaching. Neither of these were enforced and TEC representatives continued to vote and gabble incontinently to their hearts’ content.

Now the same consequences may be imposed on the Scottish Episcopal Church. Its leaders must be shedding many tears at the prospect of being similarly afflicted. Tears of laughter.

From here:

The Scottish Episcopal Church is likely to face ‘consequences’ from fellow Anglicans for its decision to allow gay marriage.

Senior figures from around the worldwide Anglican Communion, including from the largely conservative global south, will meet in Canterbury next week and are expected to impose restrictions on the SEC after the vote permitting same-sex weddings last June.

At the last meeting of global Anglican primates in January 2016 The Episcopal Church (TEC) in the US was handed the same ‘consequences’ after they permitted same-sex couples to marry.

Church figures at the time stressed they did not amount to sanctions or a punishment but meant representatives from TEC could not represent the 80-million strong Anglican Communion on formal bodies or vote on decisions related to policy or teaching.

3 thoughts on “Justin Welby’s sense of humour

  1. The Anglican Communion cannot survive as long as it continues to try and stay on both sides of the fence. For a church to be Christian it MUST adhere to the authority of Scripture and not the worship of the “god of political expediency”. There are clearly orthodox churches within the Christian community and if the Anglican communion continues to try and ride both sides of the fence Christians should seek out alternate church membership.

    • Hello Frank,
      I fully agree with what you say here. Anyone that looks with objective eyes sees clearly that those churches giving into political correctness at the cost of abandoning the Faith are dying. Meanwhile those Churches that remain steadfast in the Faith in spite of the political assault mounted against them are thriving and growing. God is tending his garden.
      As Jesus teaches, we cannot have two masters, and so we must chose. He also teaches us that whenever we make such a decision we are to chose God. This is not hard to understand, but apparently for those ruining (oops I meant running) the AcoC it is.

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