Justin Welby denounces Donald Trump’s politics as fascist

Justin Welby is struggling with abuse scandals in his church, a Communion that is fracturing and a denomination which, according to Rev Dr Gavin Ashenden, is dying.

What is to be done? Launch a diversionary offensive, of course. Accusing someone of being a fascist throws anyone who is listening – admittedly, not many – into paroxysms of righteous indignation or outrage, depending on one’s political bias. The main thing is, it helps people forget about the things the Church of England’s commander-in-chief has left undone.

An added benefit is that, as George Orwell noted, “the word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless” making its use consistent with most other pronouncements any self-respecting Anglican Archbishop might make.

From here:

Donald Trump is part of the same “fascist tradition of politics” as far-right European politicians such as Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders, the Archbishop of Canterbury suggested last night.

In his most outspoken comments since the American president’s ban on travellers from some Muslim-majority countries was announced, the Most Rev Justin Welby accused Mr Trump of being part of a group of leaders from a “nationalist, populist, or even fascist tradition of politics”.

5 thoughts on “Justin Welby denounces Donald Trump’s politics as fascist

  1. Justin Welby clearly does NOT know the true teachings of Islam and from his position on Christian matters I have to wonder if he knows anything about the Bible. Contrary to the belief of many Islam is NOT a peaceful religion. Not only does this come clear when reviewing the Quo’ran but is confirmed by the comment made to me by an Islam cleric. I deliberately spoke with him following one of the incidents in Paris simply to see what response I might get. His comment was quite short but very revealing — after all they desecrated the prophet.

  2. Maybe instead of criticizing President Trump for temporary travel bans that are intended to protect the lives of American citizens Welby should be bringing the world’s attention to the persecution and murdering of Christians in these seven countries.

  3. Personally, I don’t think it is necessary for us to criticize Trump who may turn out to be the greatest American president or he may dig his own grave to become the worst of all. Don’t worry about him or his performance. He is old enough to be responsible for his own words and deeds. I believe church leaders should concentrate on preaching the true Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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