Predictable Anglican reaction to Trump’s Jerusalem announcement

This is an early tweet from Canada’s establishment Anglican rag, The Journal, expressing “concerns” over Trump’s announcement today that the U.S. recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and plans to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The article referenced in the tweet warns that the recognition will cause “Irreparable Damage”. Only time will tell, of course, but a few things we can predict with complete certainty.

The liberal Anglican establishment – just about all Western Anglican clergy in other words – will roundly condemn the move because: Trump did it and they all hate him; it goes against received leftist dogma, the last remaining heresy in Western Anglicanism and, most important of all, it acknowledges the existence of an objective fact – the land of Israel has been home to the Jews for 3000 years – something entirely alien to liberal Anglicans who prefer endless reality-evading conversations.

5 thoughts on “Predictable Anglican reaction to Trump’s Jerusalem announcement

  1. Have you forgotten the motto of the Palestinian Moslems “FIRST WE DESTROY SATURDAY AND THEN WE DESTROY SUNDAY ” ? Trump may suffer from narcissism and megalomania but he is playing to his Cheering Section innocently optimistic Jews and fanatic “Christian” fundamentalists ! And I am no Liberal !

  2. I consider President Trump’s action one of courage and something that is long overdue. It is well known that the Palestinians who are mostly Muslims have no desire for peace or reconciliation The clean teaching in the Qua-ran is that unbelievers should be killed. It should also be mentioned that the youngest of Mohammed’s many wives was only six years old and he consummated the marriage when she was only nine years of age. This should clearly indicate he should NEVER be considered as a prophet but rather a disgusting pedophile.

  3. Indeed, and in both word and deed, too “predictable”: reflective of either an allegorical (RCC and Orthodox), or Cultural Marxist/Social Gospel (ACC; and the resident Episcopal Church in Jerusalem), UCC, PCC, et al./ WCC lens by which the Prophetic Holy Scriptures are misinterpreted, thus adopting replacement theology which ensures replacement
    or, by contrast, reflective of the literal historical lens of those much despised (even “toxic” by some Magisterial assessment) Christian Zionists, or Christian Eeeeeevangelicals.
    This is the Prophetic hour, “in the last days”,when:
    “Now also many nations are gathered against thee, that say,
    Let her be defiled, and let our eye look upon Zion.
    But they know not the thoughts of The LORD, neither understand they His counsel:
    for He shall gather them as the sheaves into the floor.” + Micah ch.4.

  4. From Wikipedia
    “Israel’s economy and technology center is Tel Aviv,[10] while its seat of government and proclaimed capital is Jerusalem, although the state’s sovereignty over East Jerusalem is not recognised internationally.”

    The “seat of government” is the capital, no matter any other country might say or want. So President Trump is 100% (again) in stating that this move is in fact a recognition of the truth.

    Also, I could not help but notice how the CBC reported this
    “U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital…”
    The CBC is deliberately giving the Canadian public a false report. President Trump has no authority to declare which city is the capital of another country. He does have the authority to recognize it. And contrary to what the CBC has chosen to report recognizing it is what he has done.

    • CBC’s myopic reportage and coverage only outdone by CTV’s anchor who attributed to the USA President having “lit a long fuse”: incendiary, misplacing totally who does incite and acts on it…as in Amsterdam, for but one among veritably thousands of examples.

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