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The U.S. has responded to the murder of its diplomat and destruction of its property by hunting down and killing the murderers? By cutting off financial aid to the countries responsible? By treating the well organised invasion of its territory as an act of war and responding accordingly? By withdrawing embassy staff from unstable Middle–Eastern countries – those still living – and cutting off diplomatic relations? Not exactly. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department is interviewing Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, maker of the film that is the latest flimsy excuse for Muslim hatred of the West.

Toronto Hindus are going to screen “Innocence of Muslims” at an undisclosed location amid heavy security. There is currently no estimate of how many viewers will die of boredom.

Muslims in Niger destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary because they don’t like “Innocence of Muslims”. Western countries are on high alert in preparation for the inevitable violence from rampaging Catholics.

Muslims in London and Sydney are rioting in protest against “Innocence of Muslims”; none of them have actually seen the film, but they are all unemployed, have nothing better to do, and, riot or no riot, will continue to receive their welfare cheques, so why not indulge in a little recreational rioting?

Egypt’s PM, Hisham Qandil, sees it all as a series of “unfortunate events”: as Exodus 20:13 admonishes: “You shall not murder because it would be an unfortunate event”. Qandil goes on to note that it is unacceptable to insult our prophet – peace be upon him and that the West needs to curtail its unfortunate tendency to allow speech free enough to insult our prophet – peace be upon him. The thing is, the true identity of Muslims is that they are peace loving; unless you insult their prophet – peace be upon him – because then they will want to behead you. So we must put a stop to these films so that Muslims can live according to their true identity. For their prophet – who absolutely loved peace in the sparsely occasional moments he wasn’t at war. Peace be upon him.

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  1. The trailer went on YouTube in July.
    Last week an Al Qaida video came out calling for retribution from drone attacks.
    The attacks, coincidently, occurred on 9/11.
    I’m a subscriber to the belief that coincidences are the result of hard work.

  2. Much as I was thinking when reading about ‘the investigation’ being conducted of Nakoula’s film. Also, as bad as the clip was, how much worse is it really than the usual Hollywood product? With the likes of Director Nick Cassavetes and the Reverend Clay Nelson bravely engaged in undermining the very traditions they are meant to uphold, the West hardly needs enemies. Except that we have those too.

    Thanks, David, for pointing up the inanity of both sides’ response.

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