Praying away the straight

I expect that anyone at all interested in the implosion of Western Anglicanism is aware that Rev. Kelvin Holdsworth, a homosexual Scottish vicar, has caused ripples of discontent in non-liberal Anglican circles – although, at this point there can only be one non-liberal Anglican circle left in the UK; perhaps only a semi-circle – by suggesting we pray that Prince George become gay. Or perhaps that he is already gay, since we are told, incessantly, that the condition is genetic. Come to think of it, the latest fad is that gender is fluid so Holdsworth must be exhorting us to pray for a homoerotic congealing.

Now Holdsworth has come up with a clarification. He tells us:

The debate about the church and sexuality will go on. I’m not interested in continuing it through a conversation about Prince George. I would urge others, those who agree with me strongly and those who disagree with me strongly to turn our attentions to the actual matter at hand.

Utter twaddle.

First of all, if he isn’t interested in continuing talking about Prince George, why drag him into the arena of his erotic yearnings in the first place? Holdsworth, suddenly overcome with pious concern for the prince, has, in reality, been forced by over-exposure to curtail furthering his grubby schemes through the sexualising of a four-year-old.

Secondly, the post was not about “LGBT inclusion” at all because most gender confused individuals are completely antipathetic to the Anglican church and its desperate attempts to project an aura of relevance to the indifferent. It is, was and always will be about legitimising the lifestyles of the increasingly high percentage of homosexual Anglican clergy, in particular Kelvin Holdsworth who, it would appear, craves ecclesiastical approval of his own domestic living arrangements.

Thirdly, “the actual matter at hand” is not going to end with same-sex marriage: it will get much worse. Same-sex marriage, after all, represents just the first two letters of the LGBTetc litany; we have polyamory, bisexuality, pansexuality, demisexualty and transsexuality still to go; and we haven’t even scratched the surface of bondage and sadomasochism. Our only consolation is that the Anglican Church is liable to run out of steam well before it runs out of alphabet.

4 thoughts on “Praying away the straight

  1. “the matter at hand” already had been scooped by ‘Pink News’ on July 25,2017;
    “the matter at hand” by Cultural Marxist Holyrood/Holywood for Scottish bairns continues;
    with St. Mary’s, Glasgow, playing its part.
    The Order of the Millstone for both of them.

  2. By continuing to allow these sexual perversions to make any presence felt within the Anglican Church the leadership of said Church (I can’t even bring myself to call the Bishops anymore) are permitting the death by a thousand cuts to be inflicted upon their institution.

    There is simply no way around it. God has made it perfectly clear within His Holy Bible the He gave all of us that the only sex that is ok by Him is that which occurs between a husband and wife within the confines of Holy Matrimony. Anyone that is honestly a Christian will sooner or later realize this and also realize that institutions such as the Anglican Church of Canada have been piloted away from this. (I have realized that the word drifted is not really appropriate as that communicates a lack of effort in any direction. The word piloted communicates an active and deliberate effort which I believe to what has actually happened.) Once a true Christian gains this awareness there is only one this to do if that Christian is to continue to follow Jesus Christ, and that is to leave the wayward institution.

  3. Another thing this Kelvin Holdsworth person has ignored is the fact that the Royal Family are “above politics”. This means that all members of the Royal Family are prohibited from expressing any political views or opinions, they are to remain completely and absolutely separate from all politics. But it is also in effect in the other direction in that the Royal Family are not be brought into any political discussion.

    The Brits are very absolute about this as is evidenced by their assertion that “The Queen reigns but does not rule!!!”

    But does it surprise anyone that Holdsworth violates this fundamental and foundation principle of Westminster Parliamentary Democracy? It does not surprise me for Holdsworth is one of those people that believe there are no rules that apply to them, but oh so many rules that must be obeyed by everyone else.

  4. While looking at Holdsworth’s picture, I was reminded that I never really trust anybody whose neck lops over his collar. Does that make me an avoirdupois-o-phobe? Or am I simply revolted by his ideas?

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