Peter Jensen and Peter J Akinola in Burlington March 2nd

And in Vancouver March 7th.

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We have the privilege of hearing from the Most Rev Dr Peter Jensen, General Secretary of GAFCON and Retired Archbishop of Sydney, Australia; and the Most Rev Peter J Akinola, founding father of GAFCON and former Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion.

When I attended the last talk Peter Jensen gave in Burlington, I discovered to my delight, that he likes to insult people and even entire nations – he informed me the Welsh are no good at rugby, for example – although he insists that for Australians, insults are an expression of endearment. In case anyone is wondering, I’m not Australian.

One thought on “Peter Jensen and Peter J Akinola in Burlington March 2nd

  1. It is very good that Jensen and Akinola will come to southern Ontario to speak on March 2. According to David Goodhew’s “A Story of Growth and Decline” (Church Times, February 24, 2017), most Anglicans are now from the Global South. North American Anglicans were 9% of Anglicans worldwide in 1970, but 3% in 2010. During the same period, African Anglicans grew from 16% in 1970 to 58% in 2010.

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