Humour from the Diocese of Toronto

Never let it be said that Anglican synods are dry, humourless affairs.

This from the Diocese of Toronto.

I might add an incredulous: “There are clergy with convictions in the diocese?”

Or, “Because we are driving all who disagree out!”

Or, “Tell that to Jake Worley“.

2 thoughts on “Humour from the Diocese of Toronto

  1. I would laugh if it were not so obviously a pathetic attempt to con us.
    This entire sin-joining thing the AcoC has mired itself into will go the same way as woman pretend ordination. Eventually all those that oppose it will be displaced.
    I am sure that a statistician could do the math that would prove you need only about 70% of the people agreeing to sin-joining within the AcoC to end up with a majority of such people within each and every parish. Possibly even less than 70%. What happens then to people like me who remain Faithful to God and His Holy Word? We either sacrifice our Faithfulness to God, or we leave.
    Guess what AcoC. Your pathetic attempt to con us has failed and we are already leaving.

  2. Having been an Anglican since I was a child I have noted the rapid rise of apostasy particularly under the leadership of the current primate and retired so-called bishops like Michael Ingham and Michael Bird. For their own personal glorification they have made it clear that they worship the gods of political expediency and/or political correctness – a deliberate misuse of the word – and have totally abandoned the authority of Scripture and have used the civil courts to seize properties and evict orthodox clergy and parishioners. Tragically the chancellors have helped to accomplish this knowing full well that the civil courts have no interest whatever in theology. We have witnessed other so-called bishops refusing to tale a stand for the Gospel probably fearing the action of the so-called primate,

    True believing Christians should abandon these devil worshipers and find a true Bible believing church such as the Anglican Network in Canada.

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