Women’s March Anglicans

For those who just can’t get enough of Anglican clergy mixed up in politics condemning Franklin Graham for being too mixed up in politics, here is another choice selection of assorted reverends demonstrating in support of the Women’s March on Washington – you remember, the one where the alleged singer, Madonna, lovingly intoned that she “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House”

From here:

The Rev. Canon Mark Kinghan of St. George on Yonge, Toronto, the Rev. Joanne Davies, chaplain at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and the Rev. Dawn Leger, pastor of First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Toronto, were among tens of thousands who attended the Toronto Women’s March on Jan. 21 at Queen’s Park. The three-hour demonstration for justice, equity and social change was one of hundreds held worldwide in support of the Women’s March on Washington following the American Presidential inauguration.

8 thoughts on “Women’s March Anglicans

  1. So grateful to be out of this train wreck of a ‘Church’ and in ANiC. May God have mercy on their souls (and mine too).

  2. There is no need to blow up the White House since Trump’s presidency will not be long according to the History Professor at Washington University, D.C. and he is the same one who predicted the victory of Trump in 2016. This professor has predicted correctly all the U.S. presidential elections since 1964.

  3. Anything the so-called liberal theologians can do to destroy the Gospel will be considered by the media as the right approach. They, as most of the rest of society, have made the firm decision to reject the authority of Scripture and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and worship the deceptive gods of political expediency and/or political correctness – more correctly HERESY.

  4. What Betty said. Reminds me of my dad, who used to say, “It would be pitiful, were it not so tragic.” We left some 12 years ago, but there is still pain.

  5. It’s cold, but not so cold that two of them couldn’t loosen their scarfs, undo their top button, and flip open their jackets to reveal their clerical collars. “How spiffing everyone! We have the clergy at our rally. Now its success is completely assured.”

    It’s not about attending something they believe in as much as it is about showboating. I am convinced that this breed of clergy think that the majority of the clergy are stuffy and old-fashioned but that somehow they are going to change things by locking into the culture: the rock-n-roll vicar, the short-skirts-vicar, the pagan-handfasting-vicar, and now the third-wave-feminist vicars.

    It’s astonishing that they genuinely believe anyone cares about their hip liberal clerical meme or their political fantasies anymore.

    • The echo chamber makes it possible. While there are many people leaving the ACoC (and its wayward siblings in other parts of the communion) in search of an anchor for the soul, there is also a steady trickle of people leaving orthodox denominations for the ACoC in search of affirmation for those things of which they do not want to repent…

  6. “The three-hour demonstration for justice, equity and social change…”

    Not “equality”, mark you, but “equity”. The former an honest wish, the latter a weasel-word.

    Speaking of words, it’s hard to miss that “NOT THIS PUSSY” poster in the background.

    How charming.

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