Ottawa parish offers a Lenten course on Islam

There is an abundance of evidence that the Anglican Church of Canada has lost interest in Christianity. The replacement we’ve all become used to is a variation on cultural Marxism: we are all equal; there are no longer men and women because the sexes must also be equal – gender is fluid; the state substitutes for the traditional family; social justice replaces charity; Gaia replaces God, smudging replaces confession and Two Spirit replaces the Holy Spirit.

That isn’t enough, it seems. The Diocese of Ottawa’s Christ Church Seaway is so ashamed of its Christian heritage it is plumbing new depths of idiocy by encouraging its members to convert to Islam.

From here:

It is common for churches offer courses on Christian spirituality during the season Lent. This year, Christ Church Seaway hosted a different kind of Lenten course. In response to local confusion about Islam and how Christians should respond to a growing Muslim presence in our region, The Rev. Patrick Stephens decided that the time was right for his community to formally begin the work of inter- religious dialogue. A special guest speaker was present for the first session and helped the group get started on the right foot. Imam Dr. Mohamad Jebara from Ottawa’s Cordova Centre shared with the group about his own faith and was gracious in responding to questions from the floor. The course ran for a total of five sessions and was based around readings, video presentations, and group discussions.

Over all, approximately thirty people participated. For many course participants, this experience was the first meaningful encounter with the Muslim religion. As the course came to an end, there was much interest from the group to reach out to a nearby mosque to explore opportunities for further learning and relationship building. Later this spring, the group hopes to visit and tour a mosque, and possibly reciprocate by offering similar hospitality at the church.

6 thoughts on “Ottawa parish offers a Lenten course on Islam

  1. Once upon a time, an ex-Muslim became a Christian convert (unfortunately I cannot remember his name). He said that there would be no Muslim religion if Christians behave like real Christians. Muslims need to see Jesus in real Christians.

  2. It is no secret that the ACoC and the TEC have long since changed their worship of our Lord and Saviour to the worship of “political correctness” – a deceptive term in itself – and/or “political expediency” The time has come for the Anglican Communion including the ABC to publicly repent of its apostasy and return to the Gospel. Part of the problem rests with the fact that the appointment of the ABC is subject to the approval of the civil government which, in itself, has no concern or respect for the Gospel. Tragically the so-called bishops in the ACoC and TEC have clearly endorsed the worship of political expediency I can only hope that they will be honestly taught the clear direction in the Quaran that those not accepting Mohammed should be killed.

    • Would it surprise you to hear that the term political correctness has its origins in Stalinist Russia, where it meant adjusting the facts to suit your politics? Little seems to have changed….

  3. I don’t have a problem with learnign about Islam. For to help with evangelism. If it’s presented as a “live and let live” value/approach, that does not serve the church well. Anglicans generally have mislaid the conversation about being lost, needing salvation, trust in Jesus, the cure of souls and the process of conversion.

  4. “I don’t have a problem with learning about Islam.”

    Nor do I – as part of, say, a comparative religion course in high school or university.

    But not in church, thanks.

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