Diocese of Niagara does Diversity Training for Lent

The training helps us understand our “otherness”, apparently. I don’t think I need it since I already appreciate my “otherness” from the Diocese of Niagara and am profoundly grateful for it.

From here:

Diversity Training- Understanding Our Otherness

With Maureen Brown, principal of Diveristy Trainers Plus. Maureen believes that at heart most people want the conversation on human diversity to be an honest one leading to the best results for all. As founder and principal of DiversityTrainersPlus, she helps people to have such conversations as she equips them to maximize the benefits of diversity in their environment. A former journalist, Maureen cuts through the jargon and misconceptions about diversity and inclusion with clarity and forthrightness.

I’m almost tempted to attend just so that I can learn to cut through jargon as effectively as Maureen. It would equip me to maximise the benefits of diversity in my conversation…. or environment… or something.

2 thoughts on “Diocese of Niagara does Diversity Training for Lent

  1. I looked at the Diversity Trainers Plus website, and it was what I expected — very vague for starters, and smacking of an owner/operator who is presented as having equally vague credentials of any sort, apart from making some kind of a living for some number of years upholding the usual politically-correct imperatives. Saying you were a “journalist” means nothing…..it might mean as little as having filled in here and there to take phone calls in the newsroom of a suburban advertising circular (why do journalists consider themselves some sort of elite class?).

    “Diversity-Training is a real industry these days, and this individual must have seen the potential in setting up shop as a contractor (there are any number of how-to books out there telling you exactly what to do). And punters are supposed to believe that this woman can present to them the truth and ways and means of human and spiritual life — all in a convenient Lenten session? There’s one born every minute. Does this mean the ACofC is going to begin contracting out clerical services?

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