Diocese of Huron continues its Marriage Canon Newspeak

The diocesan paper reports:

Conversations on the Marriage Canon
The Diocese of Huron is in the midst of a consultation about the proposed changes to the Marriage Canon. The first of these consultations have taken place and several more are planned throughout the diocese.
As the diocesan Marriage Canon Task Force reports in this HCN edition, a question raised at some of the first deanery gatherings was, “Does our input matter?”, and related to that question there were comments such as, “It feels like the decision has already been made.”

For those who question the impartiality of the decision makers in the diocese, this image, accompanying the article, of diocesan leaders conspicuously marching across a rainbow crossing brandishing crosses and an umbrella should leave little doubt in any mind whose neurons are still firing:

Of course your input matters. As long as it supports same-sex marriage.

Of course the decision to marry same-sex couples hasn’t already been made. Yes, we may already be doing it but that doesn’t mean we have decided anything.

7 thoughts on “Diocese of Huron continues its Marriage Canon Newspeak

  1. I’ll come and conduct a day-long Workshop for them any time. The basis will be my book Holy Homosex? https://www.amazon.ca/Holy-Homosex-Priscilla-D-M-Turner/dp/1482347865 . All participants will be expected to have read every item in the book unless they have no Hebrew and Greek, in which case nearly every item must have been read. pdfs will be distributed in advance together with questions for study. Paper copies will be made available to all who attend. Bring a modern Bible version, paper and pen.

  2. Just further evidence that the ACoC no longer worships the God of the Scripture as it totally rejects the authority of Scripture and worships the “god of political expediency”. True genuine Christian Anglicans should seek out an ANIC church or a Lutheran Church Canada – NOT the so-called Evangelical Lutheran as they also worship the “god of political expediency”,

  3. What a farce. Reminiscent of a mid-evil show trial in which the decision had already been made and now we just go through the motions in order to falsify a justification for what is already a fait-accompli.
    The irony is that in doing this these bigots are killing the very Church they are trying to abuse for their sin-seeking purposes. To have a “church” that supports their position. But there will not be any church nor Church once these sinners are done with it.

  4. Any connection to the marriage canon ‘Newsweek’ (‘I Am A Gay Vicar’) 9/8/16,
    whereby all matters ‘marital’ and ‘Clerical’ proceed “quietly……” (par. 9);
    as opposed to “Let all things be done openly and in order” (+ I Corinthians 14:40) –
    also the motto for The Presbyterian Church in Canada, who of late have
    excelled in “quietly” (by an anonymous online letter, July, 2014 – out of order, even by its subsequent anti-Scriptural Overtures, in ANY truly Reformed Court of Church law!).

  5. It does seem rather dishonest, even from their own point of view. And in a way that’s a clue. Any organisation that has to lie like this is reflecting the teaching, not of Christ, but of the Father of Lies.

    • I can’t help noticing the smirks on their faces as if to say they are doing the right thing and are morally right. Oh course, they have a right to express their opinions; but the question is raised: are they faithful to what the scriptures are teaching?

      • And I firmly believe both the so-called bishops and leadership and we know the answer to your question. The ACoC no longer worships the God of the Scriptures and has changed its allegiance to the “god of political expediency”.

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