Diocese of Huron Bishop and clergy protest anti-Islam rally

From the Huron Church News:

Clergy and laity from the Diocese of Huron, led by Bishop Linda Nicholls, joined 500 counter-protes­tors in London, Ontario, August 26, in response to an anti-Islamic rally led by the Patriots of Canada Against the Islamization of the West (Pegida), a group that says it opposes “the Islamization of the West.” The collective Anglican re­sponse was organized within a day’s notice as word spread of the counter-demonstra­tion. Nicholls led the group of 40 Anglicans from the parking lot at Huron Church House, where they prayed, to London’s City Hall. Pegida members, who numbered about 20, arrived at City Hall at noon, and were met by the counter-demonstrators. Those involved in the counter-rally carried signs, listened to speeches, and sang 1960s protest songs. The counter-protest ended with a march, led by drum­mers, around nearby Victoria Park.

I’m sure the bishop and her clergy rarely feel more at home than when singing 1960’s protest songs. I used to sing them too in the 60’s; then I grew up.

The gentle, mellifluous tones of We Will Overcome were not the only sounds to waft over the anti-protest protest: as you can see in the video below, there was a lot of screaming, some violence and a few arrests. Mostly from those holding signs proclaiming love and tolerance for all.

I don’t see the bishop thumping anyone with pious punches but the cameraman can’t be expected to catch everything.

One of the attendees filming the event described the fracas this way:

I was there filming. Most of the counter protesters were elderly hippies and lqbtq people.

3 thoughts on “Diocese of Huron Bishop and clergy protest anti-Islam rally

  1. I am not at all surprised with the position taken by the so-called bishop as she has willingly accepted the change from the worship of our Lord & Saviour to the worship of that detestable god of political expedience. If she were to truly study Islam and the actions of their prophet, Mohammed, I believe she would also be against Islam. Perhaps she as never studied Mohammed or his history of multiple wives, the youngest of which was 6 years of age and his so called consummation of that marriage when the girl was only 9 years of age. That is nothing less than child abuse of its worst kind. However, as long as she and other apostates within the ACoC believe that Muslims worship the same “gpd” Islam will definitely succeed in its goal which is to take over the Western World..

  2. I attended the rally, it was difficult to see who was protesting who, the Anglican clergy all gathered across the street from the rally, for the clergy it seemed like Old Home Week as they all reminisced together, the Anglican clergy did not protest or anything, why did they even come to the area of the rally?

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