Diocese of Calgary votes to bless same-sex couples

It wasn’t that long ago that the Diocese of Niagara was spluttering unconvincingly about how their intention to bless same-sex couples had nothing whatsoever to do with marrying same-sex couples. Now they are doing just that.

It goes to show that there really is a wedge with a thin end and the Diocese of Calgary has just reached it.

From the Anglican Communion Alliance:

Synod has passed the following Motion in the Diocese of Calgary: “This synod requests the Bishop to grant permission to any Clergy who may wish to bless the unions of faithful, committed, Christian same sex couples. In requesting such permission clergy and lay people of the Diocese of Calgary shall be entrusted to follow their consciences.” With regard to what he might be willing to give permission for, in a pastoral letter earlier this week, Abp. Greg Kerr-Wilson said it is possible that “some intercessory prayers” could possibly be devised “for use in the context of a Eucharistic celebration.”

6 thoughts on “Diocese of Calgary votes to bless same-sex couples

  1. “…faithful, committed, Christian same sex couples.”
    This is a joke, right? What about a family that practices incest but were still active members of the AcoC, would anyone in their right mind consider them to be “Christian”? Or how about a person that practices bestiality? If such a person were a regular attendee at an AcoC Parish would that person still be considered a Christian? If they have no intention of ever trying to end such sinful behaviour than no, these people would not be Christians! But the AcoC thinks that these unrepentant homosexuals are Christians. There in is the rub. Repentance. Having turned away from the King James Version Holy Bible and embracing the new version bibles most mention of repentance has been lost from the AcoC. They have convinced themselves that so long as you say you love Jesus you’re a Christian, with no obligation to even think about repentance.

    What I perceive is this.
    The AcoC no longer believes that the Holy Bible is the authored by God, and that it is nothing more than a collection of ancient writings by mere mortal men that wrote what they knew at that time. That the AcoC knows much better now and so can ignore those parts of the bible that it does not agree with.

    It reminds me of what the serpent said to Eve in the Garden of Eden.
    Gen 3:4
    “And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?”
    Satan is always trying to trick into thinking that God did not give us His Word. Not back then, not now, not ever! Sadly Satan has been successful in deceiving the AcoC.

  2. This is precisely what will happen within the ACoC as long as the Primate and his apostate colleagues remain in office. They no longer accept either the authority of Scripture or the uniqueness of Jesus Christ – thus making a mockery of the Eucharist. The only “god” they accept is the god of political expediency – anything goes as long as there is a majority vote. The authority of Scripture is NEVER subject of any vote – majority or otherwise.
    They and their followers should be immediately defrocked with absolutely no compensation thus treating them in the same manner they treated genuine orthodox Christians by using the civil courts to legally steal properties and evict those using same.

  3. “The thing that seems to me to be absolutely central are around faithfulness, stability of relationships and loving relationships……” ( ‘The Guardian’, October 2, 2017, ABC/CoE)
    Will the Primate be toasting the ‘bride’?

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