Rev Jake Worley experiences Anglican compassion

In his statement announcing the firing of Rev. Jacob Worley, bishop John Privett, said:

I can say, we don’t want to create hardship for the Worley family, so we’re trying to act as compassionately as possible.

The Anglican Planet has this update on what is happening to the Worley family:

For those of you who have been following Jake Worley’s situation, we want you to know that one of his (former) parishioners has started a fund to help the Worley family. Jake and family were packed up and ready to leave Caledonia, but have run into more trouble. We are posting this as they really need our prayer and support. He and his family have packed up their house and rented a Uhaul to move themselves south. Regrettably, due to the conditions in Northern B.C. the RCMP have grounded all of the Uhaul trucks until spring for not having snow tires (apparently this is their company policy). Apparently there are no other truck rental companies in the region, and so they are at a bit of a loss. Their plan is to drive south and leave their possessions in their rental house and hope that some better plan will come up before their rental term is over December 31st. The only other option is to hire movers, and the lowest estimate they had was $17k, which they simply cannot afford. Please continue to pray for the Worleys and if you can afford to be generous, please support their moving fund.

I shudder to think what a bishop not acting compassionately looks like because images of being burned alive at the stake spring to mind.

The Gofundme page for the Worleys is here.

14 thoughts on “Rev Jake Worley experiences Anglican compassion

  1. ACC “Caledonia, stern and wild”
    not meet nurse for an Orthodox child.
    Is there not a quasi-judicial Provincial Regulatory and Appeals Commission that prevents such unfeeling, draconian moves, especially in the dead of winter?

  2. Mathew 25: 41 – 46 comes to mind. Can anyone associated with the ACoC see what is happening here and, by doing or saying nothing, or by staying, become complicit in this evil.

  3. Must they really be out of the country immediately or can they remain as guests until they can get their affairs in order? Is there no one who can offer them a place to live until they do?

  4. The poor daughter-either the camera clicked at the wrong time, or she’s in a sad place-hope they find a nice home/friends etc wherever they end up-tough time for the kids in particular I would think?

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