Diocese of Brandon’s Noah Njegovan pleads guilty to fraud

A Diocese of Brandon rector, Noah Njegovan, the son of Bishop Jim Njegovan is alleged to have relieved the diocese of $192,000, much of which he spent in Sin City eating expensive meals and visiting massage parlours. He had been denying the whole affair, but now is pleading guilty to the charges.

Had he used his own money for the massages, he probably could have just added an “M” to the LGBT-etc litany, claimed membership in the Massage Community and been applauded for coming out. As it is, he committed an act so heinous even the Anglican Church of Canada regards it as sinful: he took their money.

4 thoughts on “Diocese of Brandon’s Noah Njegovan pleads guilty to fraud

  1. What should one expect when you dad was your boss? That and to save money the diocese cancelled having audits. Mike Skleros (?) suggested I apply for the job Noah got, but only if I could keep a picture of Bishop Malcom on my desk.

    • Yes, Malcolm should be sainted.After all, he allowed Jim to be elevated to Dean and then left his people and post with no warning and in turmoil; without a second thought of doing it slowly and gently, guiding the sheep through rough waters. A fine example.

      • Malcolm wasn’t solely responsible for Jim eventually getting the pointy hat. Power corrupts and before being Dean he was probably a nice man. Lord knows the number of winners who got their collar by hook and crook (pun intended) Malcom was trusting and probably believed that Jim would be good, and besides there were few other takers for the job. It could have been worse, Jim had the job ’till 2030

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