Even Borat has better Internet access than Canadians

It appears that the CRTC’s ruling to enforce usage based billing for Internet access is to be overturned. Canadian geeks are rejoicing.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that Canada’s ISPs are providing particularly good service to their Internet customers – particularly on upload speeds. I subscribe to an online backup service which constantly sends the contents of my hard drives to an online server; the only problem is, Canadian upload speeds are so slow, it can take months for new files to be uploaded: in fact, Canada’s upload speeds are even slower than Kazakhstan’s. Of course, Kazakhstan doesn’t have the CRTC playing nanny.
From here:

Average upload speeds available to Canadians are even more striking in the netindex.com rankings. Canada is in 64th spot globally, at 1.35Mbps, behind smaller countries with less developed infrastructures, including:

  • Mozambique, ranked 62nd, at 1.41Mbps.
  • Swaziland, ranked 61st, at 1.43Mbps.
  • Kenya, ranked 58th, at 1.52 Mbps.
  • Kazakhstan, ranked 40th, at 2.10Mbps.

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