There’ll always be an England but will there always be a Church of England?

Possibly not, because the CofE, apparently unaware of the good advice enshrined in the aphorism those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, are following the lead of North American Anglicans by abandoning Christianity in favour of something less demanding.

A letter to be published tomorrow, signed by Gavin Ashendon and Michael Nazir-Ali among others:

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4 thoughts on “There’ll always be an England but will there always be a Church of England?

  1. We must uphold the teaching of the Bible and of the Universal Church in the area of Marriage. We need to pray for the renewal of orthodox Anglicanism in Canada also.

    • I am glad to note your reference is to “orthodox” Anglicanism. This is the only correct way to describe the fractured condition of the Anglican Communion which has been brought about by the apostasy of those who would call themselves bishops but are in fact ravenous wolves by the worship of the gods of apostasy – political correctness and/or political expediency. Tragically the ABC tries to walk both paths but definitely shows he is on the side of apostasy. Unless the Anglican Communion takes steps to rid itself of these apostates there will be nothing left but empty buildings – some of which have already been legally stolen from orthodox Anglicans.

  2. These people that want to inflict changes upon the Church are deniers of the Word of God. Several years ago I had a conversation with a Priest of the Diocese of Huron and he said that the books in the bible were the mere writings of men that wrote things as best as they understood at that time, and went on to say that we today know better. Clearly this “priest” did not believe that the Holy Bible is the Word of God and this enabled him to fully embrace the new writings that supported the changes he was fully in favour of. He also said that the Creeds were too restrictive, and although we continue to recite the Creeds that we should not view them as any type of definition of the Faith.
    Looking back now I can see the strategy employed by these people. Attack and destroy those things that protect the Church from heresy and then proceed to be heretics. We the Faithful need to call out these people and publically label them for what they are, that being wolves in sheep’s clothing and the very false prophets that God warns us to avoid.

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