Pagans want their buildings back

From here:

A leader of some of Britain’s pagans is demanding the ‘return’ of two church buildings as compensation for property they claim was stolen from them during the conversion of England 1,300 years ago.

The Odinist Fellowship, representing more than 1,000 pagans, has written to the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby also demanding that the pagans be given a public apology.

What the Odinist Fellowship has failed to notice is that the buildings have already been returned to the pagans. It’s just that now they call themselves Anglicans.

One thought on “Pagans want their buildings back

  1. Well then, “Odinists”, I as a Roman Catholic – on behalf of three centuries of oppressed ancestors until the Catholic Relief Act – demand all pre-16th Century CofE churches in Britain returned as well as massive compensation for the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

    There surely needs to be a common sense statute of limitations on this apology nonsense for past slights – whether real or perceived.

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