Church of England wants to ban conversion therapy

If a person with unwanted same-sex attraction approaches a Church of England vicar for help, he will be wasting his time because the CofE has made the definitive pronouncement – and it doesn’t make many these days – that once a person experiences same-sex attraction, he is not allowed to be rid of it.

As usual, the Church is behind the times which it is so desperate to be a part of: gender is now fluid. I can be a man, a woman, attracted to either, neither or both at will, therapy be damned. Get with it Justin Welby.

Ironically, in the same synod, a motion was passed by an overwhelming majority to affirm transgender people. People who have changed, among other things, the object of their sexual desire.

It all goes to show that a church obsessed with keeping up with the prevailing culture is, instead, going to make itself look tawdry and silly. Profoundly silly.

From here:

The Church of England has called on the government to ban conversion therapy and has condemned the practice, which aims to change sexual orientation, as unethical and potentially harmful.

At the end of an emotional debate in which two members of the C of E synod described their experiences as spiritual abuse, the church’s governing body overwhelmingly backed a motion saying the practice had “no place in the modern world”.

Conversion therapy is usually described as an attempt to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Some churches in the C of E and other denominations have encouraged LGBT members to take part in prayer sessions and other activities to rid them of their “sin”.

5 thoughts on “Church of England wants to ban conversion therapy

  1. How could it be a crime for a therapist to try to alter a person’s mind-set (even at z’s request), but equally a crime for a surgeon to refuse to alter a person’s body? Can we long survive in a world where intangible feelings are privileged over tangible facts? Can science long survive in a culture where mush is treated as stable and empirical date are seen as relative?

  2. “saying the practice had ‘no place in the modern world’”.

    Why not just say biblical Christianity has no place in the modern world, and be done with it?

    Hebrews 7:25.

  3. It is obvious that the English church is following the American and Canadian Anglican churches down the broad path into the pit of irrelevance.
    I suggest a new vision statement: “To irrelevance… and beyond!”

  4. Conversion Therapy is currently legal in the United Kingdom. In March, a petition seeking to change this law failed to garner enough signatures to be considered in Parliament. I guess some members of the Church of England want to change this practice’s legal status. Perhaps, the Church of English should become independent of the British Parliament. Perhaps, the Queen should no longer be the figurehead of the Church of England.

  5. Tragically the Anglican Communion – at least the TEC and the ACoC – has virtually abandoned any claim to be Christian. Part of the problem might well relate to the fact that the appointment of the ABC is subject to the approval of the civil government as it is well known that the civil governments around the world have no interest in upholding the Gospel. What is needed is for the true Anglicans – those who have not bowed down to the gods of political expediency and/or political correctness – to make a firm stand against apostasy and demand the resignation or removal of the apostates so that the Gospel can again be proclaimed.

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