Bishop of Singapore issues Beauty and the Beast warning

I didn’t use to pay much attention to what Anglicans are up to in Singapore but since a couple of my grandchildren have moved there, I have developed more of an interest.

To his credit, the Anglican bishop of Singapore, Rennis Ponniah has issued this statement warning parents that Disney’s new version of Beauty and the Beast has “homosexual content”.

Life, of course, has “homosexual content” but whereas in times past it was largely hidden from view – I remember my mother telling me she was unaware of the existence of homosexuality until she was in her 20s – today it is paraded conspicuously at every opportunity and has become the standard by which our tolerance for others is measured. Or, at least our 21st century replacement of what used to be tolerance for others – see how far you are tolerated if you decline to put a statement you disagree with on a cake, for example.

Now, to make sure we don’t have a repeat performance of my mother’s experience, children have to be made aware, not just that homosexuality exists, but that it is a normal part of life. In fact, it’s probably more normal, more fun, more to be aspired to and more cool than run-of-the mill monogamous heterosexuality with all its tedious trappings like bearing, providing for and rearing the fruit of one’s union. At least, that’s what Disney would like children to believe.

Dear Clergy & Deaconesses,

It is needful that you alert your congregation about the homosexual content in Disney’s re-make of Beauty and the Beast – a film scheduled for screening during the March school holidays.

Disney films for children’s entertainment are usually associated with wholesome, mainstream values. But times are changing at a foundational level. In this new live-action remake of the classic film , the character LeFou is portrayed as gay and a ‘gay moment’ is included in the movie by way of a sub-plot.

Parents are therefore strongly advised to provide guidance to their children about this re-make of ‘Beauty & the Beast’ , and indeed to their children’s entertainment choices in a rapidly changing age. Let us pursue Prov 22:6 ” Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

The Diocese and the National Council of Churches are working  on a fuller advisory to our members in the coming week.

With the Lord’s blessing as we shepherd our people.

Bishop Rennis Ponniah
11 Mar 2017

Eliminating discrimination in Canada

One anus at a time.

Canada’s liberal government is introducing legislation to lower the age of consent for anal sex from 18 to 16.

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, apparently oblivious to evolution’s mandate to reproduce, believes the change is dictated by evolution. It would be funny if she didn’t take herself so seriously: “Our society has evolved over the past few decades and our criminal justice system needs to evolve as well.”

I expect all this makes you as proud to be Canadian as I.

From here:

The Liberal government is moving to repeal a law that courts and critics have long said unfairly criminalizes the sexual activity of gay and bisexual men.

“Canadians expect their government and their laws to reflect their values,” Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould said Tuesday after tabling legislation to repeal a provision of the Criminal Code on anal intercourse.

“Our society has evolved over the past few decades and our criminal justice system needs to evolve as well.”

The law currently bans the sexual act, but there is an exception for heterosexual married couples and consenting adults of either sex over age 18, as long as it does not involve more than two people and is done without anyone watching.

Courts have found the provision to infringe on equality guarantees under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, since 16- and 17-year-olds can consent to all other forms of sexual activity.

The proposed legislation known as Bill C-32 would repeal section 159 of the Criminal Code and prevent charges being laid against those 16 and older who engage in consensual anal intercourse.

The legislation came as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau named Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault his special adviser on LGBTQ2 issues.

The MP for Edmonton Centre will work with advocacy groups to promote equality for lesbians, gays, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and two-spirited people — a term used broadly to describe indigenous people who identify as part of the community.

Boissonnault, who is openly gay, will also explore the possibility of an apology to LGBTQ2 people whose lives and careers were disrupted by government policies over the decades, or even formal pardons for those convicted under laws now considered discriminatory.

The scandal of Sooty’s girlfriend

My apologies to readers whose childhood was deprived by an absence of Sooty and have no idea what I am talking about, but I thought this was a good illustration of the fact that there really is a slippery slope. Today Sooty would be gay, have a boyfriend and there would be no scandal. Or he would be a transgender bear.

From the BBC:

The idea to introduce a female puppet to Sooty’s children’s TV show in the 1960s was so controversial that the BBC director general had to intervene, a new documentary has revealed.

The suggestion by Sooty creator Harry Corbett caused a furore in the press, which claimed it would “introduce sex into a children’s programme”.

Gay space, the final frontier

Apparently, there is a need “for the gay community to have a safe space in every corner of the universe.” To that end, a gay pride flag has been launched 31km. above the surface of the earth where the rising sun shone through it, illuminating the rainbow.


If that doesn’t bring a lump to the throat of every ACoC bishop, nothing will.

From the BBC:

Gay pride flag launched into space ‘to spread peace’

Planting Peace, a US-based non-profit group that seeks to “spread peace in a hurting world”, launched the flag near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on 17 August.

The balloon captured video with a GoPro camera as it floated 21.1 miles (34.1km) above earth for three hours.

Organisers said they wanted to declare space gay friendly, “in a peaceful, beautiful way”.

All women should try lesbianism

The Guardian’s Julie Bindel thinks lesbianism is not something you are born with or, as the Anglican Church would have it, something God created you to be, but a choice. She thinks all women should give it a try. That must mean that Vicky Beeching should give heterosexuality a try.

From here:

Feminist writer Julie Bindel has claimed that all women should “try” lesbianism.

In an interview with Talking Shop, the Guardian columnist said: “Look at the conditions in which women live under patriarchy – women gain by leaving heterosexuality behind.

“I think lesbianism can be a great liberation for women… why would you not try it?

Two more reasons to use Firefox

I have used the Firefox browser for a while because it is the only Windows browser that can be configured to use a monitor’s profile to display colours correctly on a high gamut display.

Now I have two more reasons: standing with Mozilla’s CEO who is in trouble for supporting traditional marriage; being blocked from accessing the okCupid dating website.

From here:

Brendan Eich, the CEO of Mozilla, which created and maintains the Firefox web browser, is under fire for having donated $1000 to Proposition 8 in California. Prop 8 was against changing marriage to make homosexual unions equal to heterosexual unions.

Among many protests against Brendan’s ‘politics’, the dating site okCupid is blocking visitors to its site using Firefox and asking them to ditch the Mozilla browser as a way of punishing Mozilla and Brandon for his views.

The champions of tolerance once again have turned into bullies to harass and punish all who disagree with their opinions.

Toronto School Board trustees ask whether nudity laws will be enforced at Toronto Pride parade

The Toronto District School Board is not known for its staunch social conservatism or as a haven for delicate prudes so, when a few of its members hint that they would like Canada’s nudity laws enforced at the Toronto Pride parade, it’s reasonable to take the request seriously.

As one of the members noted:

“This is a municipal matter and it has to do with the policing and the enforcing of the laws of Canada in the streets of Toronto,” he told CBC News. “If you were to do this in any other ward throughout the city at any other time of day during that same period, you’d likely be arrested.”

Naturally, there have been cries of “homophobia”:

Some have criticized the trustees’ motion as homophobic

Yet, if gay men and women truly want their lifestyle to be accepted as normal, surely they would want to be treated just like everyone else in every circumstance; to do otherwise is discriminatory. By not arresting an individual parading himself naked during the Pride Parade, the police are exhibiting  a type of homophobia: the fear of treating homosexuals just like heterosexuals.

Rainbow flags burned: outrage unanimous

From here:

RCMP in Fort McMurray are investigating after two rainbow flags were burned outside the first gay pride event in the northern Alberta city.

A group of people took the flags from Bailey’s Pub around 11 p.m. Saturday and subsequently set fire to them in the parking lot.

Michael Kenny, vice-president of Fort McMurray LGBTQmunity, the group that sponsored the event, called the actions “saddening.”

If this had been an American flag, no-one would have been “saddened”, the media would be applauding – or at least smirking -, the RCMP would be indifferent and the youtube video would have 10,000 likes.

Somewhere over the rainbow crosswalk

In preparation for Vancouver’s Pride Week, the city has painted tax-payer funded rainbow crosswalks onto the street; the rainbow crosswalks are to remain after Pride Week as a sign that Vancouver is an inclusive city – anyone at all can walk on them:


From here:

The rainbow crosswalks were put in over the weekend as part of the annual Pride Week in the city and feature two more colours than the usual pride flag.

Vancouver Coun. Tim Stevenson said that’s because they’re a throwback to the ‘70s.

“The eight colours is the original flag,” Stevenson said. “Since this is the 35th anniversary (of Pride Week) they decided to put the original eight colours in.”

He said the $25,000 project isn’t just for the crosswalks, picnic tables and plants that adorn the area, but also for making a nice little meeting point in the centre of city’s LGBTTQ community.

The Diocese of New Westminster is also doing its bit by displaying a rainbow stained glass window on its website – neither real nor permanent, I suspect – as a sign that it is an inclusive diocese. It is so inclusive that the largest Anglican church in Canada was driven out of the diocese; it’s funny how an over-abundance of inclusion tends to do that:

30-07-2013 12-55-18 PM

Desmond Tutu prefers Hell to homophobia

Whenever someone uses the slippery word “homophobia”, we know immediately that rational thought has been abandoned in favour of a treasured but meaningless cliché. The OED defines homophobia as “an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people”. My daughter suffered from arachnophobia, leading to numerous pranks involving rubber spiders finding their way into her glass of water; the resultant shrieking was gratifying to no-one but the perpetrator – usually her brother. That was (she has overcome it now) a true phobia.

I don’t know anyone who is homophobic; I am not denying the possibility of the existence of such a phobia, but I’ve never encountered it. I suppose it could be treated in much the same way as arachnophobia, by systematic desensitization: first the sufferer would be invited to look at a photograph of a homosexual, then be placed in the same room at opposite ends, later a “good morning” could be exchanged and finally the whole thing would end with a hug.

That is absurd because, of course, it isn’t what Desmond Tutu and his ilk mean by “homophobia.” In Tutu’s view a person who is “homophobic” is anyone who doesn’t agree with him about the morality or immorality of homosexual activity, regardless of whether the disagreement is founded in rationality or revelation.

For Tutu, it’s all about emotion; if fact, it almost appears as if he experiences an extreme and irrational aversion – a phobia – to anyone who disagrees with him about homosexuality – including God.

From here:

“I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to the other place,” Archbishop Tutu said at the launch of the Free and Equal campaign in Cape Town.

“I would not worship a God who is homophobic and that is how deeply I feel about this.”