March for Life, Ottawa 2016

I have just returned from the annual Ottawa March for Life. I’ll publish more photos in a later post.

Estimates of how many attended vary between 20,000 (march organisers) and 4,000 (mainstream media). Estimating the numbers in a large crowd is tricky but I think the number of people on the hill was closer to 20,000 than 4,000.

Some of the Anglicans for Life attendees:

_DSC0080The march was shorter than previous years because protesters against the march had blocked the road, so we were rerouted. Typically, those campaigning for freedom of choice quail at the prospect of anyone making a choice at odds with their choice and resort to the tactic commonly used by communists, fascists and over-sensitive bishops alike: try to suppress the free expression of the opposition. Here are the protestors being held in check by police:

_DSC0171Some Anglicans for Life clergy:

_DSC0084Some of the peaceful opposition:

_DSC0156We have much better signs:

_DSC0140And off we go:

_DSC0155 _DSC0170 _DSC0184Anglicans tire easily. After the march:

_DSC0195These two were keeping an eye on things from the top of the parliament building:


Abortion, a Canadian disgrace

Canada is one of the few countries in the world that has no law to protect the unborn. A baby can be killed in its mother’s womb at any age for any reason, including sex selection, convenience and post-conception contraception.

100,000 Canadian babies are burned, dismembered, disembowelled, decapitated and flushed from their mother’s womb every year. People get upset about seeing photographs of this atrocity and they get upset about a Kurdish boy drowned on a beach; the one thing that doesn’t upset Canadians is the stench of industrial scale death that lurks just beneath our renowned veneer of civility, a veneer that, considering what it conceals, is as disgusting as it is hypocritical.

Wake up, Canada and force your politicians to act.

Read it all at the National Post:

Justin Trudeau’s attempt to play wedge politics with the abortion issue fell flat at last week’s French language debate. This must have been disappointing for him as his position has been clear for some time: he supports every form of abortion — including for the sole purpose of terminating the lives of girl babies simply because they are female — at every stage of pregnancy. He even issued an edict stating that anyone who questioned the status quo was not welcome in the Liberal party.

The de facto position of Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper is, in principle, no different. When questioned directly by Trudeau last Friday, Harper said the same as he has been saying for years, “My position for 10 years has been I don’t intend to re-open this debate.”

As yet, all three leaders have a realistic shot at making 24 Sussex their home after the Oct. 19 election. And all three continue to treat pre-born children as a political liability.

Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau are without excuse. If elected, it is their duty to enact laws for the benefit of all Canadians. Their complete disregard for the human rights of any children in the womb effectually means that they are complicit in the deaths of 100,000 members of the human family every year.

In effect Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau all support sex-selective abortion. They care less about the fact that girls are targeted for abortion much more frequently than boys. Their refusal to act is a sign that they endorse this misogynistic practice in Canada.

All three leaders also support late-term abortion. They show no regard for the reality that every year thousands of babies lose their lives by being aborted in the latter stages of pregnancy, after the stage when children of the same age are born, survive outside of the womb, and live productive lives as Canadian citizens.

Linda Gibbons jailed again

From here:

At 11:02 Wednesday morning, Linda Gibbons sat uncomfortably, hands cuffed behind her back, in the rear seat of a Toronto Police squad car.

She was taken first to 53 Division, transferred to 55 Division where all women are held overnight pending their first court appearance, and is expected to be paraded for a show-cause hearing Thursday morning.

She is an unrepentant recidivist, a hopeless repeat offender.

She is a serious criminal.

Gibbons doesn’t count her arrests, but probably she’s been in the back seat of squad cars a couple of dozen times in the past two decades — and that’s including the five years she took off to care for her dying father.

She has spent an astonishing total of 10 years and seven months behind bars.

She has spent an astonishing total of 10 years and seven months behind bars.

I’ve written about people convicted of gun offences, serious drug offences, sex assault, drunk driving, child abuse and manslaughter who have done significantly less time.

Gibbons’ crime is worse.

She’s a veteran pro-life protester outside Toronto abortion clinics. She’s on the wrong side (the pro-life side) of the wrong issue (abortion) and yet she persists in trying to make her voice heard.

Before Linda Gibbons arrives at the abortion clinic, she knows she will be arrested yet she keeps doing it. I’m not sure it makes much difference to the blatantly evil absence of abortion restrictions in Canada, but it’s hard not to admire her tenacity.

Why does she keep doing it? Perhaps, to paraphrase Henry David Thoreau’s observation, because under a government which murders any unjustly, the true place for a just man is a prison.

Another quotidian baby part vendor lunch

In this video, StemExpress, baby part merchant, suggests cutting off the hands and feet of the aborted babies so that lab technicians can’t easily identify what they are looking at and have a meltdown.

Even baby part trafficking ghouls know that the “tissue” is really a baby.

Planned Parenthood baby butchering company: get your livers, hearts, brains and eyeballs now while they last

Here is a fourth video showing Planned Parenthood once more trafficking in baby parts.

Each video seems to me to be more damning than the last.

In this one we discover that “usually you can see the whole brain come out”. One of the doctors laments, while nonchalantly toying with an eyeball, that in the dish before them the brain was “blasted out with water”. In the case of 2nd trimester babies, however, they don’t use water because the baby is “so big you can put your hand in there and just pick up the parts”.

Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Company in a third video

In this video, an ex-procurement technician describes how Planned Parenthood – the organisation that makes grave robbers look respectable – harvests baby parts and sells them. On an industrial scale.

For your viewing pleasure, there is also a section showing doctors sorting through 11 week old baby bits finding kidneys that are good to go and a brain that is still attached to a spinal cord; some people prefer that, apparently.

At $50 to $75 per part, the clinic makes between $200 and $300. The buyer in the video says: “we’d be comfortable with that”. The doctor replies: “I think the per-item [rather than buying in bulk] thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it”.

I could not be less comfortable with that.