Bishop Michael Bird resigns

As Bird himself notes, “There is so much more to say”, but I will have to confine myself to: I’m devastated.

From here:

Dear friends in Christ:

This evening I have informed the members of Synod Council that, after many months of prayerful discernment, I will step down from my work as the Bishop of Niagara on June 1, 2018. At that time, I will take up a new ministry in the Diocese of Ottawa. Archbishop Colin Johnson, metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province of Ontario, is now in receipt of my letter of resignation.

The decision to end my episcopal ministry here in Niagara was a very difficult one and serving as your bishop has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. Together, we have embraced so many exciting opportunities, we have faced and met a number of daunting challenges, and above all we have remained steadfast in our calling as God’s people. This time has been marked by a decade full of faith and vision, courage and hope, change and innovation. We have never shied away from allowing our prophetic voice to be heard both within the Church and beyond, and we have passionately advocated for those who are marginalized and with those whose voices have gone unheard.

There is so much more to say and I have so many people to thank for the love and support that I have received during these past ten years. There are, however, many months ahead to celebrate and give thanks to God for all that has transpired. For now, let me simply and sincerely ask for your prayers for our diocese, and for Susan and me personally, as we all prepare for this time of transition that will unfold in the days and months ahead.

With profound gratitude, I remain yours faithfully in Christ,

Bishop of Niagara

8 thoughts on “Bishop Michael Bird resigns

  1. Gosh! Another nice hopeless bishop bites the dust. Shouldn’t this be a part time job now? Possibly a part time Imam could take on the job.

  2. Translating now to the other See where “the doctrine of Balaam” and “Nicolaitanes” is firmly held: ‘blessed’ by the incumbent Parliament of Pergamos.
    + The Revelation of Jesus Christ ch. 2.

  3. Michael Bird should never have been elected as “bishop” as he has clearly rejected both the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and the authority of Scripture. The only god he has worshiped is the “god” of political expediency. With the support of other apostates including the so-called primate the ACoC has virtually lost any claim to being Christian.

  4. So Bird is going to the Diocese of Ottawa, to continue his campaign of apostasy, did anyone bother to consult with the Parishioners there ?

    Methinks, Bird is “damaged goods”.

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